6 Perfectly Spontaneous Things To Check Off Your Spring Break Bucket List This Year


It's basically spring break. Beach trips have been booked, and you and your besties are starting to think about the smaller bucket lists that don't involve booking plane tickets. These are the adventures that you want to take within your trip, and all the sights you're dying to see. Like every other semester, the past few weeks have felt like a whirlwind, and you're so ready to hit the road. You know your travel buddies are just about down for anything, so these spontaneous things to do with friends on spring break are sure to make the week memorable.

Maybe you're headed for the sand and surf, or decided to soak up some culture in a city instead of the sun. Wherever your wanderlust is taking you, I hope that you packed a camera and your adventurous spirit. Being spontaneous calls for getting out of your comfort zone and daring to do something different. And spring break is the best time to try it out because you don't have to go at it solo — you're with your squad, after all!

You've been feeling so stuck in your schedule, and so round up your friends a few days before and brainstorm some spontaneous things you could do during your week away. I've come up with a couple things you could do with your crew, if you're not quite in that wet and wild mindset yet.

Go Skinny Dipping

Skinny dipping might feel awfully cliché for a spring break bucket list. But, that's why you just need to get a little spontaneous and check it off the list. You'll have to be careful where you complete this task, because not all beaches are down for the nude. But, it'll surely be a good story to tell from the minute you're sprinting back to your towels.

Don't let your clothes get stolen while you're wading in your birthday suit. That's a rookie mistake and a warning we can get from all of our favorite sitcoms and movies.

Try A New Food

Taste-testing is part of traveling. No matter where you are in the world this week, you'll want to try a new dish. If you're going to a foreign country or bustling city in particular, there's bound to be something local with a lot of flavor.

In Chicago, they have deep dish pizza, and in Italy there's endless amounts of pasta, wine, and seafood risottos you won't want to sleep on. Not everyone is as spontaneous to try snails, but this spring break, I dare you to be somewhat of a foodie with your buds.

Get Tattoos

Your spring break is one you're going to want to remember forever. So, why not make it a memorable mark not just in your mind? Maybe you and your crew have thought about getting matching tattoos in the past, or are trying it for the first time. If you're all game for it, find a local shop that is reliable and clean, and get a little creative.

When it comes to travel, there are so many tattoos you can get that are simple and spontaneous. If you're going abroad, get a word written in that country's language. Or if you and your friends want something more minimalistic, get a little plane or each other's initials on your side. The ideas and inspiration are endless.

Do An Extreme Sport

So, you want your spring break to be an experience. You want to reach new heights and come back from the week feeling as adventurous as ever. You may or may not be an Aries, but taking an excursion or doing an extreme sport will be perfectly spontaneous.

Resorts especially offer all sorts of activities to do during the afternoons. You can parasail, or go snorkeling over a shipwreck. Some places even offer skydiving or bungee jumping, depending on where you go.

Gaining a new perspective of the world is always positive, and you'll love that flying feeling. If you're scared of heights, that's totally understandable, and maybe instead learn how to kayak or sail. There are all kinds of extreme experiences waiting for you this week.

Stay Up All Night

You used to pull all-nighters all the time growing up when you'd have sleepovers with your squad. So, this spring break, get into the same spirit and stay up all night. You can make just as many memories in the moonlight as you could soaking up the sun.

Maybe you'll have a movie marathon with your crew, or spend the night completing a scavenger hunt. You and your crew don't have to hit up the bars to be dancing until dawn, and will appreciate singing along to your own playlists, anyway. In the morning, head out for an early brunch and maybe take a nap, too.

Have A Heart-To-Heart

Sharing our feelings can actually be rather spontaneous. You don't necessarily have to say, "I love you" this spring break — but if there's some bad blood that needs to blow over, it could totally be the time.

Maybe you just want to remind your best friend of how much you appreciate her. She's there through the thick and the thin, and all the adventures just like this one. Use this break to make even closer bonds with your besties and express those extra emotions.