7 Movies About Sisters That'll Give You & Your Fave Human All The Feels

When you hear, read, or see any story about sisters, it's almost inevitably something that will give you major feels. Although, movies touch a totally different nerve for some reason. Movies about sisters will almost always uncannily have you running to find your other half and hugging her like there's no tomorrow.

Producers know exactly how to pull at our heartstrings when they depict a solid, beautiful sister, sister relationship on the screen. If you have a sister, every accurately-portrayed scenario has you wiping your eyes or showing gratitude toward your sis. And even if you don't have a sister, these films will make you wish you did, just so you could lean on their shoulder and critique each other's happy cry face.

The roots of sisterhood run deep, and although I don't have the upper body strength to dig and find their pure origins, I'm always here for that sisterly love. The bond is unbreakable, and some of us have the pleasure of building and adding to that secure relationship every single day. Any of these amazing flicks involving a bond between sisters are worth watching with your favorite person, or your actual flesh and blood.

'My Sister's Keeper'
Simon & Schuster Books on YouTube

I can't even explain the emotional rollercoaster this film takes you through. Imagine if your main existence as a sister was to support your other half as a direct donor to help her combat cancer. And what would you do if she asked you to help her end it all and find peace? Crying will be your second language after watching this film.

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'The Other Sister'

According to the movie's IMDb page, Carla Tate is a young mentally challenged woman who wants to live on her own. Witnessing all that is going on in the planning of her sister's wedding, she adds an extra urgency to establishing her own independence. This speak volumes to the idea that sisters aren't always exactly alike.

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'Soul Food'
George Appiah on YouTube

When Big Mama, the matriarch to a family stemming from her three daughters, gets sick and less active than she normally is, the family starts to fall apart. Through trials and tribulations, the sisters have to overcome their deeply-rooted differences. This movie is drenched with the idea of overcoming hardships together as sisters, and staying committed to the love that connects you to each other.

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'The Lovely Bones'
iWuvzTuna on YouTube

When a family is knocked into despair after the murder of their oldest daughter, Susie Salmon, Susie's sister and father are dedicated to getting justice. Salmon can't fully cross over, so to say, until she has come to terms with the fact that her business on Earth has been settled. Sadly and miraculously, years pass, and she gets to watch her sister experience all of those fond aspects of womanhood that she will never be able to.

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'Practical Magic'
Warner Bros. on YouTube

As if the bond between sisters wasn't already magical enough, these two come from a family of witchcraft. Their paths stray away for a moment, but the spell is still the same — they're sisters forever. And when an evil ex wreaks havoc on one of their lives, they're all in to save what they have.

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Universal Pictures on YouTube

OK, this is definitely a much more lighthearted depiction of sisterhood, but you still get some depth. Amy Poehler and Tine Fey take on the roles of sisters who are almost exactly the opposite. One was the life of the party, and the other was usually damage control. So, when they want to have one last party, but switch up the roles, you're in for a rollercoaster ride of laughs.

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'Deliver Us From Eva'
Easy Life on YouTube

After three sisters lose their parents at a young age, their bond thickens immensely. They all look to one sister, Gabrielle Union, to be their backbone and guide them in the right direction. It just so happens that she is the only single one and weighs in a little too heavily on the other sisters's relationships. See what happens when she's the one falling in love, but it isn't as natural and romantic as she thinks.

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As a sister, you should already know the amazing human being you get to claim as a part of your bloodline. Movies may not reflect our individual sister stories, but we love the diverse ones they introduce us to.