6 Signs Your SO Is Practically Family That’ll Make You Feel All Warm & Fuzzy Inside
by Korey Lane

Finding someone who makes you happy, turns you on, and gets along with your family isn't always easy. But once you find them, it can be truly life-changing. Whether you're trying to evaluate how serious your relationship is, or you're just reflecting on how much you love your partner, there are several signs your SO is practically family that can help you start to understand what your future will look like alongside them. And if you want your relationship to turn into something more one day, then knowing that your partner is already like family can be a comforting thought to have when that time draws near.

I knew my boyfriend felt like family to me on day when I went to visit my mom. While it was comforting to see her and go home for a while, it didn't take long for me to realize that I wasn't actually home. When I went back to my apartment and my boyfriend, I realized that that was my home now. He's my home.

OK, sappy part over. The truth is, you'll probably feel it in your heart that your significant other is practically family. But if you really want to be sure, keep an eye out for these signs.

They show you off to *their* people.

Dating expert and founder of Relationship Advice Forum, April Masini, told Elite Daily that when your partner introduces you to their own family and friends, it means "[they are] proud of you and of [their] relationship with you, and want to show you off and show off the fact that you’re together."

Friends are the family members you choose, so if your significant other loves having you around their friends, then it's a sure sign that you're practically family to them already.

You feel comfortable around them.

Maybe you don't always get along with your family, or feel like you can be yourself around them. But if you don't feel that way about your partner, and you aren't insecure or uncomfortable being yourself, there's a good chance you're likely with someone who feels like family.

They give you the attention you deserve.

Someone who feels like family will treat you like family. So, pay attention to how they're acting. They should be paying attention to your wants and your needs, and doing what they can to meet them.

As senior matchmaker and dating coach Lori Salkin, from, told Elite Daily, they'll help you out when you need it. "For example, [they] remember that you said you needed to grab yogurt but you got stuck at work, and [they] surprise you with a bag of yogurt later that night," Salkin said.

Someone who's like family will take care of you, period.

They'll put your wants above their own.

Meredith Golden, dating coach and online dating expert, told Elite Daily that someone who respects your family clearly loves you. "He responds to texts and phone calls from your parents or siblings, even if he doesn't like them," Golden said. "And he might not want to sit through a couples dinner with your best friend's husband, who is a bore, but he does it because it makes you happy."

If they're making the effort to get to know your loved ones, even if it's awkward for them, then they probably feel like part of your family.

They make future plans with you.

Golden also said that a partner who loves you "talks about your future together, not like where you are eating dinner next week, but a vacation three to six months out."

You plan family vacays, don't you? Well, maybe not, but that's definitely a thing some families do together. And if your significant other wants to plan a romantic getaway months in advance, then they're clearly in it for the long haul, and they probably think of you as more than just a partner.

Your family feels it, too.

Another way to tell that your partner is basically part of your family is to look at how they interact with your actual family. Do your parents just adore them? Do they automatically expect them for dinner? Are they included in family vacations? Holidays? If you answered "yes" to any of these, your fam probably considers your SO fam, too.

Or maybe your SO just likes to hang out with your family. They look forward to Christmases at your grandma's house, or they happily golf with your dad once a month. I, personally, love hanging out with my boyfriend's family members, and I feel so comfortable with them. They truly feel like family to me.

They fit into your life.

Last, but certainly not least, you can tell your partner is practically family by this one little detail: They just feel like family. They fit in with your family, your friends, and your life.

If your partner does any of these things, then you've definitely got a solid relationship on your hands. And don't be surprised if they call your mom, "mom," either. You'll get past it, promise.

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