3 Signs Your Partner Is Madly In Love With You, Based On How They Communicate With You

by Cosmo Luce

Before your partner actually tells you what they are feeling, you can find out how to tell your partner loves you just from reading between the lines of their actions. Do the two of you talk nonstop? Are you the first person they text when they wake up in the morning? And how rarely does a night pass without them wishing you sweet dreams? How frequently the two of you talk is definitely a sign of whether or not they have become completely infatuated with you, but some people do get tongue-tied. Your partner might be talking to you a lot without revealing how they really feel.

Elite Daily asked some experts for the communication signs that your partner has fallen in love with you. They said that not only is what your partner says important, but also how they pick up on your communicative signals. Anyone can say that they love you, but love is really more of an action that is shown to you every single day through more than the words we are so used to. If your partner says one of these things, then chances are, they are completely in love with you. Now, which one of you is going to say the words first?

1. They Pick Up What You're Putting Down

Your partner will begin to go the extra mile when they are falling in love with you, and as you are communicating with one another, they will demonstrate that they are listening closely by what they do with what you tell them, says Lori Salkin, Senior Matchmaker and Dating Coach.

"For example, [they] remember that you said you needed to grab yogurt but you got stuck at work, and [they] surprise you with a bag of yogurt later that night," she says.

When your partner loves you, you're always on their mind. That means they will circle back to what you communicated to them and remember because they were paying attention.

2. They Compliment You Freely

Salkin says that when your partner loves you, they won't hold back sharing words of admiration for you just because someone else is in the room.

"[They] compliment you nonstop in front of [their] relatives," says Salkin. "And include you in all of the conversation."

So basically, they will communicate love, not just with what you say to one another, but also by making sure that both of you are included in group settings and feel comfortable to speak freely, no matter whose friends or family you are with.

While their compliments aren't restricted to time and place, when your partner is in love with you, they are also focused on the little things about you, relationship expert Mark Stefanishyn said to Elite Daily.

"The more specific they are, the more she can be sure he truly loves her," he explained.

3. Their Communication Never Drops Off

You know those people who don't completely ghost you, continue to hang out with you, but may or may not actually answer the phone or respond to a text message when you contact them? Well, when your partner really loves you, they won't do that. They might even be horrible at keeping their phone on them, but they will make some effort to let you know where they are and what they're up to.

"[They] always write back/respond/pick up your calls when you reach out, and [they] reach out just as much as you," relationship expert Jen Kirsch said to Elite Daily.

Even if your partner is the strong and silent type, they will keep in close contact with you when they really love you. This is how you know that, not only is your relationship stable, but the both of you are on the same page. Assuming that you feel the same, it looks like you and your partner could have a bright future ahead of you — just as long as you keep the lines of communication open, of course.

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