6 Sex Moves To Try When You’re Wearing Lingerie & Feeling Yourself

So much of enjoying sex is about feeling good — physical pleasure, confidence in the positions you try, and chemistry between you and your partner. But feeling good about yourself can make sex and intimacy all the more fun, which is why nothing beats buying a new set of lingerie and really feeling yourself in it. Your confidence will shine through all the more brightly if you feel sexy in what you're wearing, and even though lingerie isn't exactly "required" for a good time, sex moves to try when you’re wearing lingerie can help you and bae make the most of your sexy look. After all, if you feel like a total babe in bed, you're bound to have a good time.

Whether bae recently gifted you new lingerie, you decided to treat yourself to something nice and lacy, or you're ready to whip out that old black number that always seems to do the trick, you might want to have some solid moves to go with that sizzlin' ensemble. To really show off every angle of that hot number you're wearing and make the most of this sexual experience, don't be afraid to take control. And of course, never forget how hot you are. Your partner won't be able to take their hands of you!

Do a little role-playing.

Whether you and bae are role-playing pros, or you've kept it PG since you started hooking up, use wearing lingerie as an opportunity to play someone else entirely. Pretend you're a sexy professor, or that you're an international spy and you've taken your partner captive. Really go in on the fantasy. They'll be begging for round two in no time.

Tie them up.

To really take things to a new level, put on that lingerie, and grab some rope.

OK fine, it doesn't have to be rope, but bondage is a great way to accentuate how hot you look in that bustier and really put your lacy look to good use. As you take off each piece of lingerie, use it to "tie" your partner to your headboard. Once you're naked, they'll be all tied up and dying to grab you close. Take charge, play the dominant partner, and have some fun.

Get on top.

To really show off your lingerie, hop on top of your partner. Kiss their neck, move your hands all over their body, and make sure they can see how good you look. This is your chance to be confident and sexy, so own it.

Use props.

Kick role-playing up a notch with matching accessories. Sexy cop lingerie? Invest in some fuzzy handcuffs. Dominatrix? A feather whip should do the trick. If you want to ditch the lace and keep it simple, two words: nipple tassels. And if sexy lingerie and props aren't in your budget ATM or it's just not your thing, improvise! Surprise your partner by showing up in a coat, with nothing underneath.

Bend the heck over.

If you want to wear something that shows how hard you've been working on those squats, bend over. Doggy style in bed, or anywhere else, is made even hotter when you're rocking a new thong or corset. Get it!

Put on a little show.

Last, but certainly not least, don't be afraid to put on a show. Lingerie was created to make sex fun, and a little strip tease might be just what you need to take sex to the next level. Put on some sexy tunes (I recommend "Pony" by Ginuwine), sit your partner down, and do a little dance before you make a little love. Trust me, you'll both be feeling it after that.

Every body is a lingerie body, so get something that makes you feel like your sexiest self, and get it on. You deserve to feel good, and I mean that in more ways than one.