These 'Magic Mike' Striptease Workouts Will Have You Ripped In No Time

by Emily Arata

Don't let movie reviews deceive you: Channing Tatum's rippling ab muscles are the real star of "Magic Mike: XXL."

The male stripper sequel, which hit theaters Wednesday, is undeniably the most long-awaited sequel of the last two years. Seriously, we've been counting down since the day we first locked eyes with Tatum's sweaty torso.

Before we fight hordes of hormonal women for a seat at one of the film's first showings, there's no harm in learning a few sexy moves of our own, and maybe even burning a few calories in the process. So while we daydream about a lap dance from one of Hollywood's most handsome leading men, it's worth noting plenty of free, stripper-themed workouts are available on YouTube.

Maybe try avoiding the first wave of crowds altogether and take the weekend to learn some moves of your own. By the time you finally take your seat in the cinema, you'll be able to do more than just ogle the movie's dancers.

Whether you're a burlesque fan or more of a vintage Carmen Electra "stripaerobics" girl, there's an option to suit your inner member of "Kings of Tampa."

Hot Moves with Keaira LaShae

Burlesque can be intimidating, but there's no self-confidence problem a feather boa can't fix. LaShae uses basic moves, leather boots and a jazzy soundtrack to get viewers over any initial anxiety.

Don't miss: 0:50, when LaShae breaks out her shimmy.

Shay Kostabi's Burlesque Workout

If outright sexuality makes you queasy, try burlesque-inspired moves from fitness guru Shay Kostabi. She'll never ask you to pelvic grind, but your body will burn afterward.

Don't miss: 3:06, when Kostabi shows us a killer move for your inner thighs.

Dance off the Inches: Cardio Striptease

This 40-minute workout video is a little more Jane Fonda than Bettie Page, but this doesn't mean there's nothing worth learning in the clip. Come for the perky narration, but stay for the killer hip popping that happens a bit later.

Don't miss: Minute 21, when the girls start getting a little wild.

Pole Dance For Beginners

Ever wondered exactly how strippers get so good on the pole? It's a combination of intense practice, and basic moves that build up over time. Test your core strength, and take on the first three steps of pole dancing.

Don't miss: 4:01, the most impressive trick of them all.

The Pussycat Dolls Workout

Let's bring it back to 2009, the height of pop girl group the Pussycat Dolls. The troupe, loosely based off of Robin Antin's former Las Vegas show, boasted muscular lead singer Nicole Scherzinger and a heavy shot of sex appeal.

If you'd like a dose of nostalgia, try out the first section of the group's workout DVD.

Don't miss: 8:10, when Antin begins screaming, "Pop it! Grind it!"

Carmen Electra: The Lap Dance

We're not done with the throwbacks quite yet. Who better to teach a sexy lap dance than former stripper Carmen Electra? As the one-time actress guides you through her favorite moves, don't be afraid if you find yourself getting more sexual than Mike himself.

Don't miss: 14:56, when Electra works her stiletto boots to the best of her ability.

The Single Ladies' Thigh Workout

No one's thighs rival Beyoncé's, but the pair belonging to YouTuber KymNoStop comes a pretty close second. In this "Single Ladies"-inspired video, Kym dons the iconic leotard and lunges like a champion. You're not exactly Dita Von Teese here, but you'll soon have legs like her.

Don't miss: 3:30, the moment when Kym breaks out the "3 Way Touch."

Supermodel Stiletto Legs Workout

Fans know Cassey Ho for her nonstop enthusiasm, so it's good to see this apply even in 4-inch-high heels. With stilettos on her feet and the confidence of Behati Prinsloo, Ho guides viewers through a series of killer leg exercises.

Don't miss: 0:30, the start of Ho's pep talk.