Floral Bouquets To Replicate For Your Own Wedding, Inspired By The Royal Wedding

Spring is in full bloom. Some of us are grabbing extra boxes of tissues — and not just because it's allergy season. The royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry takes place on Saturday, May 19, and the day is bound to be straight out of a fairy tale. We'll be crying all the happy tears as we enjoy scones and tea from our seats in front of the TV. Every single detail will make us swoon, right down to the royal wedding bouquets. The exquisite floral arrangements will certainly give us inspiration when it's our turn to say, "I do."

It's tradition that royal brides carry a sprig of myrtle in their bouquets, because the flower stands for marriage and love. According to Town & Country, the royal couple-to-be committed to florist Philippa Craddock, and Markle will carry white garden roses and peonies (in addition to some other elegant varieties). I looked to Kate Middleton's stunning flowers for some inspo on these seven wedding bouquets for your big day, as well as the flowers we might see Markle carrying in just a few short weeks. You deserve to look like royalty when you walk down the aisle, am I right?

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According to The Guardian, Kate Middleton's bouquet was filled with lily of the valley that was in season at the time. You might want to consider including lilies for your big day, too. The white flower comes across as elegant and graceful, and is often a sweet addition to any wedding bouquet. Your guests will be in awe of how romantic you look walking down the aisle.

White Roses
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It doesn't get much more elegant than carrying a bouquet of white roses on your wedding day. Especially when they're in full bloom, this flower radiates beauty and will surely make you look like one of the royals. Your flowers will at least get a very regal moment on your Instagram feed, if they don't make it into a major wedding magazine. I think it's safe to say Meghan Markle might even approve. After all, she's incorporating white garden roses into her bunch, too.

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Put some peonies in your bouquet if you truly want to channel major princess vibes on your way to your very own happily ever after. These flowers will feel romantic and will be a regal addition to your look you've been dreaming of. Including a couple of birch branches like the royals might even make saying, "I do" a little sweeter.

Truth is, your wedding is all about starting the rest of your life with your significant other. You want the flowers to fit the mood. Peonies will probably put your guests in the happiest of tears, so be sure to pack some tissues for your event, too.

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In addition to the white roses and myrtle, Town & Country also reported Meghan Markle will include foxgloves in her bouquet. These flowers may seem like an unusual find. Personally, I had never heard of them until now, but a bouquet is best when there are all kinds of fresh flowers making an appearance for the crowd.

Every bride has to add their own touch to the day, and picking out a flower that matches your personality is truly key. The flowers you choose won't be the only decision you make when you're planning your very own royal wedding. But, it's a pretty sweet place to start if you're feeling overwhelmed.

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Orchids are another flower you may spot in royal wedding bouquets over the years. Express reported Queen Elizabeth II's bouquet back in the day included this flower in her wedding to Prince Phillip. I'm suddenly feeling so much nostalgia, and realizing that nothing is more royal than using the Queen for your own inspiration.

It can't be easy being in front of the cameras, but we've always taken our cues from the movies. From the moment the royal wedding was announced, we were channeling The Princess Diaries and hoping Julie Andrews (aka, Queen Clarice Rinaldi) would show up with our very own tiaras. One can dream, but holding an orchid bouquet will make your special day that much more magical.

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When in doubt, always choose to put a bit of myrtle in your bouquet. Nothing will be better to start your marriage than a flower that symbolizes love and being together forever. You may have kissed a lot of frogs before you found your significant other, and this moment will be one to remember. The royals honestly have it right by constantly including a sprig of this flower in every bouquet in the books.

Throughout the days leading up to the event, it's been a whirlwind keeping track of which traditions Markle will follow. But, myrtle is a royal wedding must, and one that all brides-to-be should pick for their bouquet.