6 Punny Halloween Costumes For Friends That Are Downright BOOtiful


If you're active on Twitter, you've probably noticed a change. There's something spooky going on with your friends' usernames. With the beginning of October came a wave of pun-tastic, Halloween-themed Twitter usernames that are ridiculously creative, and quite frankly, I could not be happier. Luckily, if you're just as obsessed with puns and All Hallows' Eve as I am, you can combine the two and make the perfect costume for you and your BFF. Feel free to draw your inspiration from any of these six punny Halloween costumes for friends, or add your own spin on one of these ideas. Either way, you really can't go wrong.

Whether you feel like pun-ifying your love of guac, or you want to throw it back to some of the things you loved back in the '90s, you're sure to design the most bootiful and laughable outfit around. If you're feeling extra tricky, make people guess what you and your pal have dressed up as before you hand out any sweet treats. If nothing else, it will be the perfect conversation starter, whether you're keeping the night low-key and waiting for trick-or-treaters, or heading out for a Halloween party with your friends.

(Extra credit if you bring snacks like haunt dogs or Ghostest cupcakes.)

Taco Belle is the coolest princess of them all
Niki and Gabi on YouTube

Let's just taco 'bout how great of an idea it is to transform yourself and your BFF into your favorite fast food restaurant — pun-style.

Now watch me Cool Whip and neigh, neigh
Marko Andruss on YouTube

Pretty much everybody loves to dance, right? Cue up the music at your Halloween party, and come dressed as a fantastic pun. Just make sure you decide ahead of time which of you gets to be the Cool Whip, because it looks like an absolute blast to gel your hair straight up the way this girl has.

The Hawaiian punch
mollywolfberg on Twitter

The nostalgia levels will be running high on Oct. 31 if you show up as Hawaiian Punch with your BFF (or your pup). Bonus points if you actually bring a pitcher of the childhood drink to the Halloween party.

Netflix and chill all night
Lexi Noel on YouTube

Even though the concept of "Netflix and chill" has been around for a little while now, it's still a pretty relevant thing, probably because watching your go-to TV show and snuggling up with your favorite person is pretty much the definition of heaven.

So try out this cool (get it, guys???) costume with your best friend, and before you know it, you'll be ready to stream your favorite Halloween movies in no time. While the Netflix shirt is pretty standard, whoever decides to go as the "chill" part of this duo has a little more room for interpretation. You can dress like a snowflake, a big bag of ice, or maybe even Elsa from Frozen if you're really feeling creative.

Ode to the Spice Girls
Ashley Nichole on YouTube

This costume idea is perfect for the whole squad, especially if you were all die-hard Spice Girls fans back in the day. Everyone can choose their favorite spice (think turmeric, not Baby) and either tape a realistic label to their shirt, or just go super low-key and attach the actual spice canister.

Holy guacamole and a deviled egg
ciaraheckaman on Twitter

Personally, food puns are my absolute favorite kind of puns. This hilarious food duo will be sure to make all of your friends say lettuce turnip the beet at any All Hallows' Eve festivities you attend.

If you're feeling super punny, add an "extra" label to your guac outfit because, of course, guac is always extra.