6 Best Things About Being Single In The Summer, Because The Heat Isn't The Hottest Part

by Korey Lane

There are a million different ways to live your best life. Everyone is different, and whether being single or being in a relationship makes you happy, that's totally up to you. But, if you're single, and you're surrounded by couples and people in healthy, happy relationships, it can be hard to remember that being single is awesome, especially during the summer. Yes, the best things about being single in the summer prove that not being in a relationship right now could be the best thing for you.

The thing is, summertime is perfect for being single. It's hot outside, you'll probably go on at least one trip, and, like, all the good shows are on a summer hiatus so you might as well be out flirting it up!

OK, maybe that isn't exactly your style, but you get my point. While the fall and winter are all about having someone to cuddle with (or multiple someones, whatever floats your boat), the summer is the time to let loose, meet new people, and do what makes you happy. Go to a pool party and make out with a random dude your friend's brother went to college with. Go to a rooftop party and get that girl's number you've ben eyeing since March. You're free, little birdie, and you should definitely start flying.

But if you don't believe me, just read on for the absolute best things about being single during the summer.

You can go on fun girls trips.

OK, even if you're in a relationship, you should totally still go on girls trips. But, when you're single during the summer, girls trips mean you don't have to tell your partner that you're going somewhere, and you don't have to work it around his or her schedule, either.

And, summer girls trips mean that you can go to the beach or the lake, you can look hot, and you can totally hook up with as many people as you want. But again, you don't have to. If you aren't into casual sex, then taking a girl's trip in the summer when you're single can just mean having a grand time with your friends, and not worrying about leaving your significant other behind.

You don't have to share your bed with anyone else and get all sweaty.

When it's cold outside, it can be nice to have a partner to hold you and keep you warm. But, during the summer, when it's hotter than the devil's mistress outside, you need your space. So, it'll definitely be worth it to have your own bed all to yourself when it's hot out and you're trying to sleep.

It doesn't sound like much, but honestly, it's such a perk of being single in the summer.

Having endless sleepovers with your besties.

Again, having a partner doesn't mean you can't do this — it just might make it a little harder. But when you're single in the summer, and you're off from school, or your company has blessed you with summer Fridays, then sleepovers with your best friends are a must.

Remember the sleepovers you had in middle school? Being single during the summer lets you try and recreate those, with all the fun and junk food you want.

You can work on yourself for a while.

As annoyingly cliché as it is, being single is a great time for you to work on yourself. Whether or not you ever want to be in a relationship at some point, it's always a good idea to take time to improve yourself.

The summer is ideal for self-improvement, because things just seem to slow down. You'll have more time to focus on the things you need to focus on. Whether that be your career, your education, your health — it doesn't matter. If you're single in the summer, you can take the time to make yourself happy. Maybe you'll go on a solo trip, or maybe you'll start seeing a therapist. Whatever it is, just go for it, babe.

You can save money.

Sure, maybe you'll want to go on some trips with friends or splurge on a few summertime sales, but still, being single during the summer means you'll be able to save up money. You won't go out on dates to nice places, or buy your partner presents, which means you can save your money.

What you decide to do with that money is up to you, though. Maybe you want to spend it all, or maybe you want to save some. The good thing about being single in the summer is that that choice is totally up to you.

You can binge-watch anything you want.

Even if you're in a relationship, you should be able to watch what you want, but being in a relationship means compromising on those things. Being single in the summer, though, allows you to stay home on those super hot days and binge-watch anything your heart desires. Want to watch ten rom-coms in a row? Go for it! In the mood for every episode of New Girl? Yaaas queen!

This is your time. Who knows when you'll be single again? Take advantage of it, and make the most out of your summer.

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