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50 Punny Group Chat Names For College Friends Who Are A Big Dill On Campus

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Out of everything you learn in college, one of the most important things is becoming a master of your own schedule. When you're balancing classes and late-night study sessions, it’ll help to have punny group chat names for college friends to stay connected to your crew on the reg. When you’re not watching recitations or grabbing snacks from your kitchen, you’re probably texting your besties funny memes or dishing on your day-to-day tea. Having a no-name group chat is like trying to write a thesis hours before the deadline — it’s pretty messy.

You want to be able to get a hold of your squad when you have a free window between classes so that texting’s a breeze. Since you have so many chats going on at once, you don’t want to accidentally send the wrong message to the wrong group. Instead of sending notes from lectures, you might send your study group an #OOTD selfie that was meant for your besties' eyes only. (Oops.) You might also accidentally send your roomies an inside joke they’re not part of. Avoid those WTF moments altogether by updating your chat with any of these 50 punny group names.

Considering your friends always find a way to make you LOL, choosing a punny name is only fitting. Go with something that puts a smile on all your faces and really fits your vibe. If you’re a crew who enjoys similar study session snacks, go with a food pun like, “Let’s Taco Bout Last Night.” For friends who are bound to be besties for life, go with a pun that shows how much you care about each other, such as, “Love You So Matcha.” Once you’ve settled on a name, the next time you want to send out a “what’s up” text, you'll be able to send it with no prob-llama at all.

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1. My College Friend-Chips

2. Toucan Play At This University Game

3. Crushing Greek Life

4. We’re Hopeless Ramen-tics

5. Cannot Espresso How Much You Bean To Me

6. Ketchup With Dorm Friends

7. Let’s Taco Bout Last Night

8. Sodium Funny Friends

9. My Uni-corn Friends

10. We're Booked At The Library

11. Nothing Is Im-possum-ble

12. Snailing The Semester

13. Calc-U-Later Friends

14. We Hope This B.S. Pays Off

15. Doughnut Make Me Go To Class

16. You Sweater Believe It

17. Haunted By School Spirit

18. Periodically In Class

19. The Squadratic Equation

20. One Smart Cookie [cookie emoji] [glasses emoji]

21. Have A Loafly Day On Campus

22. Just A Bunch Of Cu-teas

23. Grapeful For College Friends

24. My Bae-Goals

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25. Shrimply The Best

26. Destined For Grate-ness

27. Mermaid To Be College Friends

28. Real Big Dill On Campus

29. Booked Up All Semester

30. Quad Squad 4 Life

31. Love You So Matcha

32. Cerealsly The Best

33. Lava My College Friends

34. Thinking Bao Food

35. Dino-Mite College Crew

36. Eggcellent School Squad

37. We Are Gourd-Geous

38. Bearly Awake In Class

39. In Our Element

40. Pawsome College Friends

41. Love A Latte

42. Relish These Moments

43. Love These Chips A Guac

44. Oh Ship, Late For Class

45. Squad Ghouls With Spirit

46. Loving That Ewe-niversity Life

47. My Snooze Crews

48. Best Witches On Campus

49. My Support Bras

50. The Campus Tea

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