Life Isn't A Sprint: 5 Things You Should Never Race To The Finish Line For

One important piece of advice about life I'll give you is this: Take it slow. It can be so easy to get caught up in this fast-paced world, and to run from one destination to the next. Especially with a cup of coffee in hand, it's possible to respond to a bunch of text messages in just a few minutes and send in your assignments for class, too. But, just because it's possible, doesn't necessarily mean you should do it. Not every situation needs to be a race against the clock, and you'll realize that there are some things you shouldn't rush in life. Let's dig into that, shall we?

The truth is, as a 20-something, you likely feel like you're in a race against time. Your best friends and family members are asking you questions about your professional and personal life. They're tossing around phrases like, "what's next," and "five-year plans." You may have some answers, but you don't have it all figured out quite yet. That leaves you feeling a little confused about the future.

You may start comparing yourself to others and looking at the real world as one big competition. Stop that right now! Know that you're not supposed to have it all figured out. In fact, it's much better to move at your own pace with these five things.

Finding Your Dream Job

First things first: Don't rush the process of finding and landing your dream job. Sure, it would be ideal to write for your favorite magazine or work for that renowned hospital down the street, straight out of college. But, it may not happen — and that's totally OK. Here's why.

You still have a lot to learn in your field. There may be other positions or opportunities that you're even more passionate about, but just don't know about yet. Take the time to explore those options, build your resumé, and become a well-rounded professional in your field. It'll be worth it in the long run, and help you to appreciate your title of being a #girlboss.

Moving Out On Your Own

When I graduated college, I gave myself a timeline. I wanted to have a full-time job by the fall, and move out on my own around the same time. It didn't quite work out that way, but I'm so happy that it didn't. Little did I know, there are a lot of perks of living at home and continuing to share a space with your family.

For example, you save a lot of money by not rushing your apartment hunt. I was able to become more financially stable, and explore my career options at the same time. In addition, I learned more about patience, unconditional love, and what family truly means to me. Those are irreplaceable life lessons that I couldn't have learned otherwise.

Falling In Love With Someone
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In my opinion, it's beautiful and calming to think that everything that consumes our minds will come to us, the moment we shift our mental energy to something else — including love.

Now, you may be in a relationship, and have completely fallen head over heels. (Guilty.) But, if you're single right now and being asked about your personal life on the reg, then know that there's absolutely no rush.

The love story you're looking for will come to you when it's supposed to. Don't force love or a relationship that doesn't feel right in the meantime, just because you feel like you're in a race against time.

Learning From Life's Experiences And Curveballs

Learning from life's experiences and curveballs is essential to growing and becoming the best version of yourself. Give yourself the time and space to process what went well or not-so-well. If things didn't turn out the way you hoped they would, consider doing things differently the next time around.

If you didn't pay your rent bill on time because you impulsively bought a new pair of shoes, then sit down with your laptop and figure out your finances. Create a budget for yourself, and be proactive. If you started an argument with your best friends, then realize why and address any underlying issues. (And apologize!)

It'll pay off to focus on these aspects of personal growth, and make you feel more humble moving forward. Things might happen that are simply out of your control. But, do yourself a favor and take every opportunity you can to learn.

Celebrating Your Victories
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Last but not least, celebrate your little victories and don't let them pass you by. Toss some confetti in the air, or treat yourself to a dozen doughnuts from your favorite bakery in your hometown. Cheer yourself on.

You'll hit so many milestones in this decade of your life and beyond. You may land your dream job, or figure out how to cook chicken properly for the first time. That's major for you, even if somebody else has already been there and done that.

Truth is, you have to learn to say "who cares," and move forward down your own path. Plant flowers along the side of it and make it something beautiful for yourself. Life isn't a race, a competition, or a result of the clock — it's what you make of it. So, take it slow, enjoy your moments of success, and give yourself a chance to live your best life. (You'll thank me later for it.)