Chris Harrison and Hannah Brown sit on couches during a special for 'The Bachelorette.'
Your BFF Will Gush Over These 'The Bachelorette' Boo Basket Ideas

You might be in the middle of watching the latest episode of The Bachelorette, but this rose-worthy scoop can't wait. Halloween is fast approaching, and we came up with these adorable The Bachelorette-inspired boo basket ideas that are sure to win over your bestie's heart. The only catch is that you need to create one of them this weekend. That way you can show up at your bestie's door in a limo and deliver the boo basket before October 31.

OK, showing up in a limo may be a little extra. It's not like you're making a first impression. However, showing up in a sloth costume or with a box of butterflies may make your BFF giggle and remember the witty entrances of seasons past. You may have watched those awkward, memorable, and sweet interactions unfold while sitting next to each other or FaceTiming so you could immediately talk about what happened. When you show up at your bestie's front door, you're bound to get into a deep conversation about the season that's currently airing, saying things like, "Will Clare end up with Dale?" and "I could totally take a vacation to that resort."

The drama never stops in Bachelor Nation, so there's always a little something to talk about. To be honest, though, these five baskets will steal the spotlight and totally be what your bestie gushes over in the group chat.

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The Group Date Basket

Your bestie will be over the moon excited to receive this basket filled with goodies for a cute couples' date night. It might include fun games like What Do You Meme's TikTok Edition ($25, and We're Not Really Strangers ($30, It could also include a set of four shimmering wine glasses ($40,, and pack of beautiful cards, which they can use to invite everyone to the "group date" ($15,

The Viewing Party Basket

Watching The Bachelorette or The Bachelor with your bestie is quite possibly your favorite thing. So, you want to set them up for the next time they host a viewing party — even if it's a solo one. This means putting together this basket, complete with a two-pack of organic kettle corn ($32, that they can eat when the drama gets good, and a themed garland ($13, to put up before turning on the TV.

In addition, it can also include a tea that has a chocolate-covered strawberry taste for them to sip when the contestants spill ($11,, and rose quartz palm stones which are said to support "unconditional love" ($15,

The Rose Ceremony Basket

Rose ceremonies are typically the most dramatic point of any episode of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor. The music in the background adds some suspense, as you see which contestants get sent home. Channel the ceremonies by giving your bestie a basket with all the items they need to get dressed up, just like the contestants.

It can include a mini lipstick duo ($15,, a polish that's as red as the roses ($8,, and a sea kale clay face mask ($18, Add some California-grown flowers to this basket which your bestie can set up near the TV as well ($58,

The Jet-Setting Basket

Jet-setting to a dreamy destination is usually a major part of The Bachelorette. Of course, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Clare Crawley's season has put these travels on hold. Odds are, your bestie is missing the adventures the contestants take in a Costa Rican jungle or bustling Australian city.

Gather up goods like a passport holder ($28,, a silk eye mask ($29,, and a jet-lag mask ($25, to put in your bestie's basket. Complete it with an AirPods case which is a must for flights and lengthy "journeys" ($25,

The Bachelor Nation Basket

To say the very least, your bestie is The Bachelorette's biggest stan. They'd make up a TikTok dance to go along with each and every season if they could. Make sure they have lots of cute or sweet collectibles by giving them a boo basket with a stemless wine glass that features the iconic windmill ($20, and four coasters that say, "Mondays are for The Bachelorette" ($14,

Don't sleep on cute products like Kaitlyn Bristowe's barrettes ($15, or Spade & Sparrow rosè for a gush-worthy boo basket, too ($20,