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You'll Fall For These 'Bachelorette'-Inspired Party Games This Halloween

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It's time to kick off the journey of planning your virtual Halloween party. We have ideas that are so fantasy sweet, that everyone in your group will want to give you a final rose afterwards. For example, what if you made cookies shaped like champagne bottles and added some of these Bachelorette-inspired party games to play on Halloween to your itinerary?

Full disclosure: After splitting up into teams and getting into each round, you may feel like you're on a group date. But, you'll also have the chance to prove your Bachelor Nation knowledge, and accept a few roses. You'll get to pretend you're emerging from a limo on night one, and receive advice on whether your pick-up line, sloth costume, or awkward hand squeeze was flirty or flop-worthy. Not to mention, you and your pals will share a ton of laughs along the way, and probably take a few pictures for IG that reflect those of the *actual* contestants. (Just be sure to give Hannah B, Rachel, or Clare credit, OK?)

Now, you won't be playing these games at a beachy resort in Costa Rica, California, or Cancún. However, you'll love spending the spookiest night of the year diving into the most dramatic seasons of The Bachelorette or The Bachelor. Without further ado, here are seven games you can add to your virtual Halloween party's itinerary and play with your pals.

"Will You Accept This Rose?"
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The first of these games is called, "Will You Accept This Rose?" However, it doesn't work quite the same as those rose ceremonies you adore watching. It's actually much more similar to "Duck, Duck, Goose."

One person will hold a virtual rose and take a turn asking each person in your group if they will accept their rose. As soon as someone says "yes," the one person with the rose must name that person's favorite candy. If they don't name the candy correctly, they are "sent home," and the rose-accepter gets to pick who takes their place. But, if they do name it correctly, then the rose-accepter becomes the next contestant.

The last person standing wins a bottle of rosé or boo basket picked out by their friends.

"The Right Reasons"

How many times do contestants on The Bachelorette have to prove they're there for the right reasons? It happens so often in the franchise, which is why you and your BFFs should play this game.

This game starts with one person — who is the bachelorette — announcing a scenario to the group. This scenario could be a contestant was caught flirting on social media before filming started, a contestant was accused of just being there to start a music career, or a contestant just wanted to go on the trips.

From there, everyone in the group has to come up with a pitch as if they're the contestant in question. It should be a heartfelt and persuasive explanation, saying they're absolutely there for the right reasons. The bachelorette gets to decide which of the pitches is the best, and award a point to that person. Whoever has the most points at the end, wins.

"Night One"

You'd be lying if you said you haven't thought about your night one entrance. With every new season that airs, you likely think about how you'd step out of the limo and make your very first impression. During this game, you get to test out your ideas on your BFFs.

Essentially, everyone takes their turn "stepping out of the limo," and sharing their pick-up line, cheesy present, or hilarious costume. Afterwards, everyone else in the group can give notes and say whether it was super flirty and successful, or a total flop.

"The Most Dramatic Season Yet"
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Chris Harrison loves to get Bachelor Nation all geared up for a season by saying it's the most dramatic one yet. Sometimes, he isn't wrong. But, other times, you think that there was drama in the past that was way worse. For this #lit game, your BFFs will team up to rate The Bachelorette and The Bachelor drama.

One person will handle placing scenarios, like "Colton jumping the fence" and "Hannah Ann and Peter's breakup" in their new and respective categories chosen by the group. If you're stuck on creating categories, they can range from "Major yikes," to "It was so overrated."

"Bachelor Nation Trivia"

Put your Bachelor Nation knowledge to the test with "Bachelor Nation Trivia." This game is pretty self-explanatory, but should be organized by the host of your virtual Halloween party. It can be set up like a game of Jeopardy or like a group date.

Start by splitting up into two teams and then creating separate group chats on your phones for each, where you can talk about the questions without giving away quality answers to the other team. Have the host read off questions like, "Who did Hannah B have her iconic windmill date with?" or, "Are Caelynn and Dean traveling right now?" Take turns answering them or stealing a point from the other team if they can't guess the answer right.

"The Ideal Hometown Date"

Giving presentations on Zoom isn't always super exciting. But, when you're presenting on "The Ideal Hometown Date" to your friends who are obsessed with The Bachelorette, then it's quite the time.

That's what this game is all about: planning the ideal date and convincing your friends that it is the best hometown date to ever exist. At the end of the presentations, everyone can vote and decide which date should actually make it to ABC's franchise.

"Fantasy Sweets And Treats"
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Last but not least, play "Fantasy Sweets and Treats" with your BFFs for a delicious and memorable virtual Halloween party. To get started, have everyone get a pack of sugar cookie mix and a few rose or champagne bottle-shaped cookie cutters. Chat and sip rosé while you each make the cookies in your homes. Then, enjoy them while dishing on your thoughts about the drama on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor.