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7 Boo Basket Ideas Inspired By Pixar Movies To Lift Your BFF's Spirits 'Up'

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You could watch a Pixar movie over and over again, and never be bored. Your friends feel the same way, and likely know every single word to the Coco and Toy Story soundtracks. For that reason, you should take some notes on their go-to animated film, and turn it into a festive boo basket. These boo basket ideas inspired by Pixar movies will get you started and lift your BFF's spirits Up.

As your friendship stands, whenever you give your BFF a present or they need a little pick-me-up, you turn to Pixar. The characters in the films are sure to make your friend smile every time with their witty quotes and relatable adventures. Even those these movies are animated or typically meant for kids, they always have a bigger message that anyone can relate to. Those messages along with the colorful underwater world of Finding Nemo or the cosmic one of WALL-E will always have a special place in your heart.

Now, this Halloween, it's time to show your BFF that they're the Woody to your Buzz Lightyear, and the Pixar-loving pal you adore. Start with a boo basket idea inspired by the animation studio's work, and run with it until you think it'll truly lift your BFF's spirits Up.

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The 'Coco' Basket

The first of these boo baskets is inspired by Coco and will make sure your friend never forgets the tales within this film. It has a lovely art print of a woman listening to music on a pair of headphones in the desert ($13, It could also include a set of colorful Day of the Dead salad plates ($30,, or a guitar ornament ($25, for your BFF's Halloween tree. Wrap it up with a sunburst picture frame ($15, that your bestie can put on their desk with a pic of you in it.

The 'Finding Nemo' Basket

If you could hop in the ocean and give your BFF their very own Dory and Nemo, you would. But, this boo basket with mini Swedish fish ($5,, a vintage Nemo T-shirt ($18,, and a sweet "Just Keep Swimming" bracelet ($23, will do the trick. You can toss in a set of wave-colored scrunchies ($13, to make your BFF feel like they're in one of the scenes when opening this basket, too.

The 'Up' Basket

Your BFF is your adventure buddy, which is why you'll want to give her this Up-themed basket, complete with The Bucket List book ($35,, an intention journal for writing down your ideas ($20,, and a pack of balloons ($3, Complete this basket with a cool poster of the one and only Paradise Falls ($15,

The 'Ratatouille' Basket

Ratatouille may be your friend's fave Pixar film because they love to cook. Do them a holiday favor and load them up with kitchen goods like a baking dish ($23, or this wine carrier ($39, Grab them a set of cheese knives ($20,, along with a Ratatouille T-shirt that they can cook or relax in ($34,

The 'WALL-E' Basket

The underlying message in WALL-E is that we need to care for the Earth. So, load your BFF up with sustainable goods like this reusable snack bag ($10, and this organic herb gardening kit ($35, Speak to their love of all-things outdoor space by setting them up with a tiny planetarium ($13,, as well as an adorable set of WALL-E and Eve figurines ($10,

The 'Toy Story' Basket

No matter where you and your BFF are in the world, one thing is for sure: You have a friend in each other. Gift them this claw machine that actually has the aliens in it ($50,, and Toy Story-themed socks ($7, to show that your love is true. Snag a Pizza Planet hat ($21,, and a pair of pizza slice friendship necklaces that you can both wear 24/7 ($13,

The 'Monsters Inc.' Basket

Any friends who love Monsters Inc. know that the ghosts and goblins that come out on Halloween could actually be friendly. They may also love giving each other one of these boo baskets that's jam-packed with a Sulley pet harness for their pup to wear ($40, and this "Fierce & Loving" purple polish ($8, that will remind them of Sulley, Mike Wazowski, or one of the other friendly members of the crew. If you want to add to this basket, consider these Mike and Sulley cactus stickers ($3,, too.

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