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5 Texts To Send The Night Of An Amazing First Date If You Want A Second ASAP


Here's the situation: You had an incredible date, and you want to see the person again. Your friends will probably tell you to wait at least 24 hours before you reach out. However, I'm here to tell you that you can absolutely text your date as early as that same night. What are some texts to send the night of a first date to ensure you get a second? A dash of enthusiasm, a pinch of personality, and a drop of humor will serve as the perfect nightcap to end your date on a strong note.

After my last first date, I texted the guy as soon as I got home. I couldn't help it — I wanted to see him again. "I had a great time tonight," I said. "I hope you got home OK." It was incredibly lame, and he didn't reply, and I wished I had said something wittier or cuter. Though he texted the next day to say he'd fallen asleep before he got my message — and luckily, the text worked out, because that was five years ago and now we're married — I still wish I'd sent one of these perfect post-date texts instead.

"If you're hoping I already forgot about you knocking over that salt shaker, you're sadly mistaken."

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Rather than a generic "I had a great time," a perfect way to conclude the night is to reflect back on a specific moment the two of you shared. Perhaps you can recall an odd conversation the two of you overheard in the bar where you grabbed a drink, or you can make a joke about how you said, "You, too," when the waitress told you to enjoy your meal. Show your sense of humor, and don't be afraid to poke a little fun at your date (unless your date seems totally humorless, in which case, I'm not sure you should be setting up a second date).

Mentioning a funny or memorable anecdote from the night helps establish familiarity between the two of you — it's like you already have an inside joke. Plus, it shows your date that you're still thinking about the evening (without you actually saying, "Can't stop thinking about you!!!!").

"The craziest thing just happened to me on my way home tonight."

OK, so this suggestion isn't an invitation to make up some dramatic story. But if something strange or funny happens to you between the time you leave your date and the time you get home (and if you live in a city, there's a good chance that something will), tell you date about it. Sure, it's more likely that you would tell a friend about this moment if it had happened any other time. But because you're just leaving the date, it's not so strange that you might text the person you spent the evening with.

Just like recalling a funny moment from your date, sharing a personal story from your night suggests that your date is still on your mind. It also tells your date that you enjoyed talking to them and that you want to continue your conversation (especially if you send a text that invites response).

"I'm still thinking about that pizza we had tonight. We'll have to go back there sometime."

If you're feeling bold, you can always rush home and text your date, "I'm still thinking about our date tonight. You're going to have to take me out again." However, if subtlety is more your thing, pick an element of your date that you can gush about that isn't necessarily the person themselves. Unless your date is pretty dense, they'll understand the subtext.

Focusing on specific parts of the night that you enjoyed will remind your date of how well the night went (which they will especially appreciate if they planned it). Whether you had a food or did an activity that you really loved, tell your date that — and then suggest a repeat performance.

"Put Your Hand Up If You Had a Good Time Tonight 🙋"

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A little cheese never hurt anybody, and you can be straight-forward about how you feel without the text feeling stiff or formulaic. Like those cute notes people used to pass in elementary school ("Do you like me? Circle Y or N"), think of a fun way to gauge your date's interest (as well as to express your own).

You could send them a fake survey ("On a scale on 1 to 10, with 1 being very unsatisfied and 10 being very satisfied, how would you rank your date tonight?"). Or you can ask them to describe your date with an emoji. If your date sends you back a 100 emoji, then you'll know that date two is a pretty sure thing.

"Tonight was seriously great. I'm not sure how we're going to top it next time, but I have a few ideas."

If you're confident that you want to see this person again, then show some confidence in yourself. Rather than asking if they would be interested in getting together again, allude to a second date as though it is a given. I don't think that anyone truly enjoys playing games, so why not just skip over the awkward dance of deciding the next step and just take it?

Suggesting that you have other ideas in mind for what the two of you can do together also indicates to your date that you know how to take initiative. No need to reveal those plans just yet — they don't even have to actually exist. If they ask, leave them with a coy, "You'll just have to wait and see," and you're sure to pique their interest.

Texting the same night as a date doesn't have to be aggressive, and it can actually be a great way to put both you and your date at ease. The only thing better than a great date is knowing that the other person enjoyed themselves just as much as you. After all, if you were still on someone's mind when they got home from seeing you, wouldn't you want to know?