5 Questions You'll Only Get Asked By Your Niece If You're The Cool Aunt She Looks Up To

At some point in your 20s, one of your siblings may have a kid. Your brother might become a dad and start sporting baseball hats, making cheesy jokes, and doing crossword puzzles while drinking his morning coffee — you know, typical "dad" things. Your sister may become a mom and start meal-prepping on the weekends, showing her co-workers pictures of her baby, and saying things like, "Don't forget your helmet!" You, on the other hand, will take on the very important title of "cool aunt." Now, this may be new to you, so let me give you the 4-1-1: You need to be prepared and know the questions your niece will ask you if you're the cool aunt who she looks up to.

Odds are, you will be the cool aunt in your family, and the one person your niece wants to hang out with 24/7. She'll ask her mom and dad on the reg if you can come over for dinner and draw you pictures at school, because she wants you to know that you're on her mind. It's honestly very heartwarming to be this person in your niece's life. But, it's a role that you shouldn't take so lightly, either.

Sure, it's up to you to make some jokes and plan fun activities like going to the park or to the pool in the summer. But, it's also up to you to have answers to these five questions.

"Can We Do Something Fun This Weekend?"
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First things first: Your niece will look to you for fun and exciting weekend plans. She'll likely expect you to know the best movies out at the moment, the ice cream shops that have been in town since, well, forever, and your absolute favorite diner with the best milkshakes.

That way, when she grows up, she can love and appreciate these places and things, too. She can look back on the memories she made apple picking at your local orchard or swimming at your go-to beach, and make new ones with her very best friends.

She can recreate the pictures and Polaroids you took on those days, and put them in a photo album that makes you take a walk down Nostalgia Lane. Am I getting ahead of myself? I don't think so.

"What Did You Do When You Were A Kid?"
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At some point, your niece may realize that you haven't always been an adult. You were a kid once, playing board games and racing on scooters down your neighborhood's streets. She'll want to know about it and might ask, "What did you do when you were a kid?"

You'll tell her about your family vacations, when you and your siblings used to spend hours splashing around in the ocean and making sand castles. You'll tell her about the tie-dye shirts you made at summer camp, and the things you loved learning about in school.

Naturally, she'll then ask her parents if she can do similar things — if they can go on a camping trip or go for a road trip to Maine. You'll blush knowing that it's because she really looks up to you.

"Can I Have Something From Your Closet?"
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Your niece really wants to be just like you. She wants to walk the same walk, and talk the same talk. So, naturally, she'll ask you if she can have something from your closet. Here's how it might go.

One day, she'll be hanging out at your apartment while her parents are on a date or running errands. She'll be going through your drawers and looking at your sweaters and sundresses, and may ask, "Can I try this on?"

Just like that, your afternoon will turn into a full-on fashion show, complete with your favorite looks and comfiest flannels. You'll play music in the background, and she'll pose for your fake camera at the end of the hallway. Then, she'll ask if she can keep an item because it reminds her of you — her role model.

"Can You Teach Me Something New?"
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As a kid, you may have thought the adults in your life knew everything. Your mom was a superhero because she coached your soccer team and knew exactly how to make cupcakes look like the ones on the box. Your dad was equally as amazing because he could fill up the tires on your bike with air, and always knew the coolest facts about space.

Your niece has the same mindset right now. She looks at you and sees the entire world. She sees not just a role model or a cool aunt, but a teacher.

Consider school to be in session, and teach her everything you can. Tell her about the countries you've been to, and show her some of the simple yoga poses that your fitness instructor taught you. Help her understand math problems and how to make her own chocolate milk. It'll feel so good to pass on your wisdom to someone you care about.

"Can You Come To My Soccer Game Or Dance Recital?"
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Last but not least, being the cool aunt means that you need to clear your schedule a bit. You need to make room for soccer games, dance recitals, and events at school. You also need to be encouraging, supportive, and excited for your niece at all times. It comes with the territory.

She wants you to be there for her, and to know that you're her number one fan. She wants to look to the sidelines or into the crowd, and see you cheering her on.

Truth is, we all need someone like that in our lives. But, we also need to be that person for someone else. Being the cool aunt gives you the perfect opportunity to spread love, joy, and lots of laughs. It also gives you the opportunity to answer some of the best questions you'll ever be asked — if I do say so myself.