The Importance Of Being The Cool Aunt Is So Much More Than A Title

The minute your sister or brother has a kid, you're immediately upgraded to aunt status. How you approach this new title determines whether you're a cool aunt, or a regular aunt. (Believe me — there's a clear difference.) You may already be aware, and competing for that top spot against your other siblings. Though, for some of you, you might be wondering, what is the importance of being a cool aunt?

Well, not only does it give you bragging rights among your family as the greatest aunt in the history of aunts, but the love you feel for your niece and nephew is absolutely priceless. Think back to your childhood, and I'm sure you have tons of memories of that one aunt who truly went above and beyond for you. Be that person for your niece and nephew. Not only are you bestowed the awesome title, but these seven key things make the cool aunt a rockstar among your favorite kids in the whole world.

The status is great, but the real treat of it all is that you love your nieces and nephews more than anything, so why wouldn't you want to be known as the greatest of all time? It definitely feels good to be cool.

You're There For All The Fun Times

A cool aunt delivers the fun, and she's also the best cheerleader. Of course, you'll likely be tasked with babysitting and taking care of your niece and nephew as well, but for the most part, you're there to spoil the heck out of your favorite little kids. Enjoy going on park outings, museum visits, cheering from the sidelines at their soccer games, and eating the best ice cream sundaes. These are the memories that will last a lifetime.

You're Practicing What It's Like To Be A Parent
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Being an aunt gives you the opportunity to practice for when, and if, you choose to have some kids of your own someday. You get to experience spending the majority of your time with kids you love, and all of the beauty that comes with being a parent.

You're Making A Ton Of #CoolAunt Memories For The 'Gram

Since the cool aunt gets to go on all of the best play dates, you are constantly taking silly selfies and hilarious videos for the 'Gram together. You'll cherish these memories for years to come. Some of these might even be awesome throwback pics for your nieces and nephews to use when they grow up.

You're Someone's Role Model

To this day, my aunt is still one of my biggest role models. Even as an adult, I'm constantly looking up to her. You want to be put on the same pedestal for your niece and nephew, and always be there to give them the best advice. It's a hard job, but it's worth it for the positive influence you'll have in their lives.

Let's Be Real: It's A Sweet Little Ego Boost

Let's be real here: It feels pretty cool to be loved and adored by everyone who matters most to you. When you're the cool aunt, you're like the most popular family member to all of your nieces and nephews. It's a surefire way to boost your ego, and you're totally not hating it.

You Get To Act Like A Kid Again, With Your Favorite Kids
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Being the cool aunt requires you to tap back into your childhood and just be silly. You get to do things like read bedtime stories, play dress-up, host tea parties, and spend summer afternoons swinging at the park with your nieces and nephews. Doing these activities will make you feel like a kid again, and will also keep you in the know of what's trending now.

Nothing Beats The Hugs You Get When You're Loved So Much

The best thing in the world is getting a hug from your nieces and nephews. You really can't put a price tag on that. Let me clue you in on some insider information: When you're the cool aunt, your hugs are just a little bit tighter.