5 Types Of Trips To Take With Your Mom In Your 20s That'll Bond You For Life

In my opinion, one should always be ready to travel. You should have a suitcase that's packed with your favorite shampoos and conditioners, and a mini curling iron that's good for when you're on-the-go. You should have a few pullovers in there, an extra pack of Polaroid film, and packing cubes that are somewhat organized. You never know when you'll want to hit the road. For instance, you may learn all about the best trips to take with your mom in your 20s that'll bond you two for life, and need to go — like, right now.

Are you with me? Of course! In fact, you may jump at any chance to grab your passport or text your travel buddy, "Want to go on an adventure?" This may be one of your best friends, and they eagerly respond with a thumbs up emoji. You have tickets and excursions booked within the hour, and are headed to the airport with your usual snacks in hand. (A chicken caesar wrap and a bag of kettle-cooked potato chips, duh.)

But, to be honest, your mom would be the best travel buddy, because she's always looking to make new memories with you. She's always excited to check out new coffee shops in your town, or take your pictures for the 'Gram. Traveling would be a breeze together, and likely bond you for life. Can I suggest these five trips? Bon voyage!

A Trip To The Motherland

First things first: You should absolutely take a trip with your mom to the motherland in your 20s. This is the country she was born in, or where her ancestors are from. It'll truly be one of the most meaningful things you two do together.

For me, this would be traveling across the pond with my mom to England. This would mean spending a week in London, Bath, Manchester, and Glastonbury. My mom and I would have tea in the afternoon, eat fish and chips for lunch, and probably head to Buckingham Palace for a guided tour. What would your experience be like?

A Tropical Trip, Where You Stay At An Insta-Worthy Resort
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Next, catch a flight with your mom to someplace where the weather is warm. Go to an island in the Caribbean that looks so beautiful on social media or in the travel agent's brochures, or to sweet spot in Florida that has lots of palm trees. It'll be the relaxing and Insta-worthy vacation you both need.

Truth is, you both work hard and deserve some rest and relaxation. Your mom may wake up early, make a cup of coffee, and start in on her to-do lists right away. She makes sure that your house is clean, her business is running at top-notch, and that you and your sibling always feel loved and supported.

Honestly, how does she do it all? You'll likely ask her to share her hidden secrets about life while you're on the plane.

A Camping Trip, Where You Get In Touch With The Great Outdoors
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Not all mother-daughter duos are the adventurous and outdoorsy type. But, if you and your mom love going hiking in the summer or renting kayaks at your local lake, then you should definitely take a camping trip in your 20s. (S'mores supplies, required.)

It'll let you both disconnect from your daily routines and get in touch with nature. It'll give you time to share stories and advice over bonfires, and make new memories over sweet mornings spent in the camper van. Just don't forget to pack a good pair of sneakers, Polaroid camera, and some sunscreen for this kind of trip, OK? Actually, I'm sure your mom already did!

A Staycation, Where You Book A Cute Hotel Room In Your Hometown
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Sometimes, you don't have much time to dedicate to traveling. Your schedule gets busy with "real world" things like meetings at work, lectures at school, or coffee dates with your roommates. It can be difficult to find a few days to spend with your mom. Ugh!

That's when planning a staycation comes in handy. It's perfect for when you're in your 20s, because it has all the perks of traveling, without the long airport lines or stressful packing lists. It simply require booking a hotel room in your hometown, maybe at a place with a spa, and checking in.

The best part? Your mom will love it, because she gets to hang out with you and those comfy robes. She gets to jump in the pool, sip a glass of wine, and then watch romantic comedies until midnight with her favorite gal pal by her side.

A Road Trip, Where You Drive Down The Coastline
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Growing up, taking a road trip down the coastline was always on my bucket list. I wanted to fly to the West Coast, rent a camper van, and spend two weeks hitting all of the major cities and sights. I assumed I would take this kind of trip with my best friends, until I realized my mom would be a much better travel buddy.

That's because, you learn a lot about yourself when you travel. But, when you travel with your mom, you learn a lot about each other and your relationship, too. You get to spend quality time together. By the end of the trip, you're bonded for life.

It doesn't get much better than that, right? Don't waste another second, and pull out a map. Put pins on San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Big Sur — wherever you want to go. Then, go.