5 Questions About Their Hobbies To Ask On A First Date, So Take Notes

by Christy Piña

First dates can be a lot — you want to get to know everything about someone, but you also don't want to come on too strong. Finding a happy medium between the two can be tricky, but asking your date how they spend their free time can be a good place to start. There are several questions about their hobbies to ask on a first date that can help you get a sense of who they are, while not making it seem like you're prying into every aspect of their life. These questions are a good way to learn what you want about them, without them feeling like they're in the middle of a job interview. (Because who wants to feel like that on a first date?)

Learning how someone chooses to spend their time can speak volumes about the kind of person they are. If they like to bundle up on the couch with Netflix and their pet, they're probably low-key and like to relax at home. If they embrace every possible outdoor activity, chances are they're the adventurous type. If they like to read, maybe you've found the other half to your bookworm self. So, the next time you feel the first date conversation dwindling, and you haven't really learned anything about this person, consider asking one of these five questions about their hobbies.

How do you spend your time when you're not working/going to school?
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To start the conversation, simply asking your date what they like to do for fun can get the conversation juices flowing. It's always good to know what a potential partner/situationship does when they're not consumed by the day-to-day routine of work or school. The answer might be as simple as watching movies on the couch, or as complex as studying a specific topic or engaging in some sort of adrenaline-inducing activity. You never know, the two of you might have a lot more in common than you initially thought.

How did that become your hobby?
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This question may be a bit personal for some people, so it's probably better to ask it if you the conversation is going well, and you're both feeling comfortable. Maybe they started this hobby to keep themselves busy after a breakup or when a loved one passed away. You never know!

Do you see yourself continuing this hobby in the long run?
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This is a simple question, but it can give you a brief look at how they see their future. Perhaps this daredevil phase is only temporary, or their interest in pottery is just for right now. Or maybe they have a list of different hobbies they want to try, and this is number four.

What other hobbies have you had in the past?
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Similar to how the previous question can give you somewhat of an idea of how your date sees their future, this one can give you a glimpse at their past — without the 20 questions. What if your date once wanted to be a professional fencer? Or an abstract artist? That would be a pretty cool fun fact, IMO.

What's your favorite part of your hobby?
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Learning someone's favorite aspect of anything, really, can give you insight into who they are — especially when it comes to how they prefer to spend their free time. It gives you an idea of the kinds of things they like and can help you see if you both have the same interests.

So, on your next first date, if you want to get to know your date without making them feel like you're trying to interrogate them, consider incorporating these five questions in a conversation. Talking about each other's hobbies can be a pretty great place to start getting an idea of who the person in front of you is, and whether or not you could see them in your life. And if questions about your date's hobbies don't go over well, you never have to try them again. It's not permanent, so don't stress! Remember, first dates should be enjoyable for both of you. Play it by ear and see how you feel as the date progresses.