The Most Popular Hobbies For 2019 Are Here & You'll Want To Try Them All

by Kristin Corpuz

With 2019 right around the corner, it feels like the perfect time to embrace something new. It's time to set new goals, start new routines, and maybe, in some cases, pick up a cool new hobby. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a hobby, but lucky for you, Pinterest revealed the top hobbies for 2019, and you'll seriously want to try them all.

From making money from a side hustle, to using your own two hands to create a ceramic masterpiece, Pinterest rounded up the trending hobbies for the new year — and I compiled a few of them to share with you. If you're already doing one or more of the hobbies on this list, maybe try to approach it differently, or use these Pinterest boards for further inspiration. (Because we all need a little creative nudge every once in a while, am I right?) And if you're not doing any of these quite yet, the new year is the perfect time to give them a try.

2019 is full of new opportunities. It's a fresh start — a chance to hit the "reset" button. Take advantage of it: Ring in the new year with a newfound passion for a brand new hobby.

Side Hustling
T-REX & Flower / Stocksy

According to Pinterest, side hustling is going to be the biggest hobby trend for 2019, with searches for "side hustle from home" up almost 700 percent. From DJ-ing to online tutoring, people are learning how to profit from their passions.

Especially after the holiday season, a little extra cash is always welcome. Find something you love to do, and turn it into your side hustle. Who knows? It might end up becoming your full-time job.

Growing An Avocado Tree
Nadine Greeff / Stocksy

If you're not about the "paying extra way too often for avocado" life, consider planting your very own avocado tree. According to Pinterest, people have been searching "how to grow an avocado tree" so they can make their own guac at home without even having to run out to the store. (If you've got a green thumb that would make Professor Sprout a proud lady, I say you should go for it!)

Saving Money
Colin Anderson / Stocksy

I will be the first to admit that I regularly search "tips on saving money," and apparently, Pinners are doing the same. According to Pinterest, people are searching for "52 week savings plan" so they can learn the ins and outs of couponing and other little adjustments they can make in their lives to save some cash.

I personally recommend saving money in a physical place (i.e. a piggy bank) or a savings account that you don't have remote access to. The piggy bank helps you physically see how much money you're saving, which can be a huge incentive to save even more, and the secret savings account is great, because you won't be tempted to withdraw money from it.

Giorgio Magini / Stocksy

I definitely do not have an artistic bone in my body, but if you've been looking for a creative outlet for all of your sketches, join other Pinners in searching for sketchbooks.

Use the blank pages to journal your thoughts, doodle some drawings, and maybe even turn it into an ongoing project. It's a great way to channel your creative juices, and can be a helpful way to take a break from everything else you're working on.

Aila Images / Stocksy

*Cue Patrick Swayze sitting behind me and "Unchained Melody" playing softly in the background.* Even if you don't get a chance to recreate the scene from Ghost, consider taking up ceramic pottery in 2019. There's most likely a place that offers classes in your town or city, so you can bring home a totally unique bowl or plate.

Body Painting

If you've been longing to get a tattoo, but haven't wanted to make the commitment, take a cue from Pinners who have been searching "body painting" recently. You can do something sweet and subtle, or go all out in full-on body paint.

Chalk Art
CACTUS Blai Baules / Stocksy

According to Pinterest, people are really interested in learning more about chalk art. You can make a beautiful sign stand out at your business or even in your home, or you can learn how to create something remarkable on the sidewalk.