17 Hobbies To Try After A Breakup That Are Sure To Make You Feel Way Better


When you break up with someone, especially a long-term partner, you expect the sadness that follows and even the loneliness, but what you may not expect is... the boredom. Being suddenly single can be surprisingly boring. You don’t realize how many hours being in a relationship filled until you're not in one anymore. Now, you could look at this as a sad thing or as an opportunity. I prefer the latter. All of that extra time on your plate gives you the perfect opportunity for new hobbies to try after breaking up.

Is there something you've always wanted to try but never had the time — or the nerve — to do it? Well, there's no time like the present. One of the few actually amazing things about a relationship ending is that you have a clean slate where you can start over and reinvent yourself however you choose. It's also a time for self-reflection, growth, and, most of all, exploration. A great way to do all three of those is by diving into a new hobby. Plus, it keeps your mind busy with something fun and distracting so you won't have time to obsess over your ex or get caught up in the post-split blues (or do anything crazy like chop off your hair or hook up with a Marlon Rando). And who knows? You may even discover a new passion that you never knew you had. So, what hobby should you give a try? Here are some ideas to get you started.

1Try A New Exercise Class


Nothing beats the breakup blues like a good old endorphin rush. But instead of taking your typical spin class, try something new and exciting, like aerial yoga, pole dancing, or even aqua Zumba. Just because your hobby is working on your fitness, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

2Start Your Own Podcast


After your breakup, you probably have a lot of things to say. Instead of vague-booking your feelings or letting them build up so much they become a text screed that you send your entire contacts list at 3 a.m. — or worse yet just your ex — channel all your verbal energy into something more productive: A podcast! Pick a topic you're passionate about, grab a mic and maybe a friend or two, and hit record. If you care about it, chances are you have an audience just waiting to hear your take.

3Learn A New Language


Can’t stop thinking about your ex bae? Push them out of your mind by filling it will a whole new language. That way, when you eventually run into them again, you can say you’re over them in at least two different languages.

4Take A Dance Class


Stuck in heartache? Literally shake it off with a dance class. Have you always wanted to learn tap, or hip-hop, or belly dancing? Now is your chance, so boogie on over to your local dance studio.

5Kick Some Butt In A Martial Arts Class


Maybe you’ve got a little pent-up aggression to work out? What better way to get out that extra negative energy and learn a true skill at the same time than with a martial arts class?

6Grab Your Passport And Travel


Maybe what you really need is a change of scenery. Now is the perfect time to grab your passport and a backpack and head out into the great blue wander. There is nothing better for putting your relationship woes in perspective than seeing what a great big world is waiting for you out there — literally.

7Write What You Know


You’re all full of feelings right now and there is literally no better time to do some writing. That’s what we call inspiration, boo. Grab a pen and paper… or, ya know, a laptop, and start working on your masterpiece. It can be a memoir, or a poem, or just a new blog about kittens (if you choose that, send me the link, because I’m always up for more kitten-related content in my life), just so long as it’s a creative outlet.

8Tap Into Your Artistic Side With An Art Class


Have you always wanted to draw but didn't think you had the talent? Guess what? Art is a skill you can learn; you don’t just have to be born with it. Instead of longing to be an artist, take some classes and make that dream a reality. Try your hand at painting, ceramics, or even step out of the box with glass blowing or metal working. Just so long as you’re following your inner Frida.

9Learn To Cook Or Bake


If you’re anything like me, you love watching cooking and baking shows (The Great British Baking Show is basically my religion), but actually being able to recreate those dishes? Well, not so much. Now is the moment to become your very own top chef (or baker) with some culinary classes.

10Find Your Inner Musician


Have you always wanted to play the guitar, sing, or even spin some records? Now is the time to find out just what a rockstar you really are with some lessons (and a whole lot of practice).

11Get Your Nature On By Hiking


Nothing centers you quite as well as getting back out into nature — just getting some peace of mind and taking in the scenery on a good hike. So, grab a pair of comfortable shoes, a good buddy, and then start hitting your local hiking trails.

12Become A DIY Or Up-Cycling Master


After a breakup, you may feel a strong urge to give yourself a makeover. Maybe instead of rushing to the salon and giving your hair the chop, give something else a makeover: your apartment, with some good old DIY and up-cycling. There are plenty of resources and ideas of how to turn your home into a dream home, or some trash into treasure with a little bit of elbow grease and (repeated) trips to the hardware store.

13Give Back By Volunteering


They say charity is the gift you give yourself — and they're right. Nothing feels better than helping someone out in need. Is there a cause that really touches your heart? Now is the time to get involved and give back. Maybe it’s helping animals in a shelter, volunteering at a retirement home, or volunteering at your local LGBT center. There are no wrong answers when it comes to giving back.

14Up Your Instagram Game With A Photography Class


Have you always secretly wanted to be a photographer? Sign up for classes and start snapping some pics. At the very least, your selfie game will be lit.

15Learn To Knit or Crochet


There is something so satisfying about making knitwear by hand. Learning the basic stitches is pretty easy and, before you know it, you'll be trying out the more advanced ones too. Warning: Knitting and crocheting are highly addictive.

16Make Your Own Wardrobe


Also highly addictive is sewing! Start with something simple like a skirt and you will be making your own wardrobe in no time.

17Get Politically Active


We are living through a very politically fraught time, where more than ever, young folks are realizing they have a voice and that voice matters. If there is a cause you care about, now is the perfect time to get off the sidelines and become active. And everyone should make sure they they are signed up to vote in the midterm elections! Making a difference and getting over an ex at the same time? Talk about multitasking.

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