Lose Yourself In One Of These 5 Podcasts During Your Workout & You'll Be Done In No Time

No matter how much you love to work out, there's no denying the fact that sometimes, it can get a little, well, boring. Perhaps you find yourself counting down the minutes until you can get out of the gym, or zoning out on your phone when you should be moving on to your next workout. The fix for this? Keeping your mind on fire with some podcasts for your workout. Trust me, even if you don't really consider yourself a "podcast person," it's a trick worth trying when your workout routine feels stale.

Whether you're tuning in to learn more about the wellness or fitness kick you're on right now, nerding out with some of your favorite artists, or just following a story that's going to have you laughing, crying, or gasping in disbelief, there are rad shows to listen to out there for everyone.

Below are some of my favorite podcasts to give you some inspiration and help you explore your own interests. Trust me, they'll help your workout feel more like a breeze than a pain, and before you know it, you'll be enjoying that delicious post-workout snack waiting for you at home.

"Food Heaven" Is Perfect For My Fellow Foodies
Food Heaven Show on YouTube

Stop everything you are doing — right now. Seriously. These women, Wendy and Jess, are both registered dietitians with master’s degrees in nutrition who have a podcast called "Food Heaven" that is all about making really delicious, nutritious food easy and accessible for everyone. They touch on all aspects of health and self-care, from fat-shaming to easy meals you can prepare at home.

Fair warning: You will probably end up going to the grocery store immediately after your workout to pick up the ingredients for one of their amazing recipes.

"Talkhouse" Is Sure To Hook ANYONE In
Talkhouse on YouTube

"Talkhouse" is the kind of podcast you get so lost in that you don't even realize two whole hours have gone by since you started listening. Whether it's film or music that's your jam, "Talkhouse" invites you to listen to fascinating conversations between artists who respect each other, as they discuss other artists in the entertainment industry that they both find inspiring. And trust me, I'm only scratching the surface here with that description.

If the idea of Abbi Jacobson from Broad City talking books with writer and comedian Samantha Irby piques your interest, or Paul Reubens (aka Pee-wee Herman, y'all) and Kid Kudi making each other LOL sounds like it's up your alley, then "Talkhouse" is definitely the podcast for you. Seriously, once you start listening, you might just find yourself running on the treadmill for like, 25 minutes longer than you'd originally planned.

"Dirty John" Should Be Your Go-To If You're A Sucker For True Crime
Podcasts Dirty John by Wondery on YouTube

Let's be real: Listening to a true crime podcast while you work out will probably help you move faster, or at least with more intensity, because the stories are just that titillating.

"Dirty John" is a podcast by investigative journalist Christopher Goffard, and in each episode, he unravels more and more details about a pretty complicated story of a romantic relationship and a freaky, mysterious murder. I won't say anymore, because, you know, suspense.

The podcast is only six episodes long in total, but it'll have you on the edge of your StairMaster, no doubt.

"Rich Roll" Might Have You In Tears By The End Of Your Workout
Rich Roll on YouTube

Rich Roll, a fitness master and guru of sorts, describes this podcast on his website as "a weekly aural dance designed to provoke, educate, inspire and empower you to discover, uncover, unlock and unleash your best, most authentic self." Sounds cool, right?

Anyway, this podcast features all kinds of experts and inspiring individuals who make their living in the world of fitness, wellness, and nutrition. Plus, things usually take a turn for the super-emotional, and I'm personally so here for it.

"Science Friday" Will Blow Your Mind And Make You Forget You're Exercising
SciFri on YouTube

From outer space to all the teeny-tiny cells and microbes in your body, "Science Friday" is all about telling incredible stories that revolve around all things science and tech.

If you consider yourself a curious person who's always down to learn something new, this podcast is definitely a good choice. With topics like how moderate drinking can really affect your health, or how abstract math can explain social justice, "SciFri" is all about expanding your mind — while you work out your body, of course.