5 Dating Podcasts You Need To Hear Right Now If You’re Dating In Your Twenties

Podcasts are magical for many reasons. They make you feel less alone — I’ve practically doubled my friend circle with all of the podcast hosts I’ve gotten to “know.” (Anyone?) They distract you from boring tasks — I love a one-hour pod while commuting or doing laundry. They also give you advice — true crime podcasts remind us not to murder, and wellness podcasts remind us to eat kale. There’s just no solidarity like the kind of solidarity that comes from listening to strangers talk to each other, which is why I really dig podcasts about dating.

Dating can be difficult and lonely. If you're actively hunting for a cutie, you know I'm not lying — it's hard out there. There’s nothing like swiping for hours, finding the one person who is not standing on a sailboat and/or taking a mirror-selfie, finally arranging a date, and then having them cancel the night of. It's very difficult not to veer into existential crisis mode while walking home alone with a dollar slice of pizza in hand. (Again, anyone?)

While apps have expanded the number of people you're likely to meet, they can also sometimes be exhausting to use. It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: Dating is a part-time job. Or more accurately, an unpaid internship. If you’re dating or have ever dated here are five of my favorite podcasts to commiserate with on a regular basis. (Because sometimes, even if you're in a relationship, it's nice to remind yourself that while your partner loves leaving the kitchen cabinets open, your friend's FWB likes to send unsolicited dick pics.)

“Why Won’t You Date Me?” Hosted By Nicole Byer

Nicole Byer (Girl Code, Loosely Exactly Nicole) is truly a gem of a person — there's no one like her and she's sparkly AF. She's hilarious, she's curious, and she's transparent about her dating life, which is extremely refreshing. Nicole invites people she's dated in the past on her podcast, and she also asks each one of her guests if they would date her. I've never felt less alone in struggling with being emotionally available in relationships, and I've never laughed out loud so hard at a podcast. This is a must-listen.

"Where Should We Begin?" Hosted By Esther Perel

This is like the Porsche of relationship podcasts. Esther Perel is a magical Belgian psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author, and her podcast features real, anonymous couples in recorded sessions with her. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you'll relate to, learn from, and cry with these couples. 10/10 would recommend.

"U Up?" Hosted By Jordana Abraham and Jared Freid

Jordana Abraham of Betches and comic Jared Freid bring very real talk to the dating world in "U Up?" I love that they tackle dating issues from both a female and male perspective, and I also love that they are generally not about anyone wasting anyone else's time. Listen to this when that date tells you they're "just not ready for a relationship," two months into sleeping together. Plus, the Andy Cohen was a guest on this podcast.

"Almost 30" Hosted By Krista Williams And Lindsey Simcik

"Almost 30" is self-described as a podcast "inspired the transition from [your] twenties to [your] thirties," but it's truly about so much more than that. While many episodes of this podcast focus on wellness and generally living your best life, the episodes that talk about dating and relationships are eye-opening. Check out episodes 96 and 97 with relationship coach John Wineland to start, but then listen to other episodes too — because if you're your best self, you'll attract the best people to your love life, you dig?

“51 First Dates” Hosted By Liza Renzulli and Kimmy Foskett

Full transparency: I cohost "51 First Dates," but I still stan for it because I'm shameless!!! The premise of this pod is that my BFF sends me on one date a week to help me break out of bad dating habits that have kept me serially single. I'm on date 32, and my goal for the pod is to take some power back when dating (and review New York date spots).

We read listener-submitted worst first date stories, and even better, one of our listeners just found a new SO after embarking on her own 51-date dating experiment! This is a good one for those of you looking to get back out there. Holding myself accountable to going on more dates has changed my perspective on dating forever. You can @ me if you hate it, but I know you'll enjoy at least one of these five pods.