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Podcasts That Will Make You Feel Better About Adulthood


Unfortunately, there's no 12-step program for people who suck at everything.

The good news is, there's probably a hilarious podcast out there that will make you feel better about the part of life you suck at most.

And if a podcast is really going make you feel better, it needs to be funny.

So, we've scoured the interweb to find these eight hilarious podcasts to make you feel less shitty about your fumbling and incompetent struggle through this wacky roller coaster we call life.

Here are nine podcasts you need to listen to ASAP:

1. "Guys We F@#ked: The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast"

Show description:

2. "Suite Buddies"

Show description:

3. "Fat Pig"

Show description:

4. "Hopefully We Don't Break Up"

Show description:

5. "The Hilarious World Of Depression"

Show description:

6. "Happy Never After"

Show description:

7. "Positive Anger"

Show description:

8. "The Hot Mess Comedy Hour"

Show description:

9. "Tim Dillon Is Going To Hell"

Show Description:

There you have it: absolute proof that whether you're struggling with being single, hating the fact that you're attached, living in a shoebox with six roommates, going through a divorce or dealing with food addiction, your anger problems or just overall hot-messery, you are not alone.

While you may or may not be looking for a reason to feel better about yourself, I would strongly suggest subscribing to each of the above just because of their overall ability to show that life — while challenging — is really not all that serious.

Besides, Trump is president now.

We're going to need to start laughing at ourselves.