5 Best Lauren & Whitney Moments On 'The Hills' That'll Make You & Your BFF Nostalgic

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Everyone has a guilty pleasure, and for me and my best friends, it has always been watching some kind of reality TV show when we should have been doing homework. We've spent hours watching episodes of Chopped, or screaming at the television screen over who got the rose on The Bachelor. But, we've gotten the most hooked on the shows that make us nostalgic AF about our own friendships, like The Hills. From the first episode, I wanted to be Lauren Conrad with a bestie like Whitney Port by my side. To this day, the best Lauren and Whitney moments on The Hills remind me and my BFF why we're so lucky to have each other.

Our friends have truly been through the thick and thin with us. We've stayed up late eating ice cream and working through the details of text messages to our crushes. Some of our besties might be from work. Those are the girls in our crew who constantly make sure we have enough coffee, and send us memes on a busy Monday. Lauren and Whitney were always #BFFgoals, though. When Heidi caused drama, or Audrina was still hooked on Justin Bobby, it was the moments when our favorite reality television duo hung out that gave us serious peace of mind. These five moments likely still make you and your BFF nostalgic AF. It's OK, I totally get it and feel it, too.

When They Started Working At Teen Vogue

For those of you who don't know, Lauren and Whitney became the best of friends thanks to Teen Vogue. The two interned there together, and were thrown into all sorts of adventures, like runway shows the Young Hollywood party. Where Whitney wanted to focus more on styling, Lauren liked the behind-the-scenes work. They made quite the dynamic duo.

The first few episodes of The Hills when the besties are just starting to hang out make us nostalgic AF for when we met the friends in our lives who we couldn't live without. There comes a point in every friendship when you start looking back on first impressions, and the moments when you knew you'd get along. For Lauren and Whitney, they had each other's backs from the start.

When Lauren Didn't Go To Paris
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Every fan of The Hills has an opinion on whether or not Lauren should have gone to Paris. Whitney took the opportunity and hopped on the plane for an amazing summer, and Lauren hung back in the name of love and lots of sunsets with Jason. Although the love story didn't quite work out the way she had hoped at the time, this was an iconic moment in friendship, as well.

We always lean on our friends for relationship advice and the like. Their perspective means the world to us, and we use it to make big life decisions (whether they may be good or bad). Whitney didn't let Lauren not going to Paris stop her from living her dreams, but the two did have conversations about the situation leading up to it. After all, that's what friends are for, and we're nostalgic AF for the besties who let us vent at all hours of the day just the same.

When They Worked The Debutante Ball In Paris
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Honestly, any Teen Vogue experience on The Hills is us with our work wives. Time and time again, we watched Whitney and Lauren tag-team projects together and pull them off like such girl bosses. Sure, there were some troubles here and there, but watching the two get dressed up and do their thing for the debutante ball in Paris was an epic moment we'll forever get behind. More Chanel and Valentino, please.

The work week can be brutal, especially when you just landed your first job and are trying to fit in on top of handling a busy schedule. Our friends from the office help us get through it all. They make sure we're caffeinated, and give us career advice when we're unsure of what path is best for us. Not to mention, they encourage us to go for that ride around the city with the handsome musician at the end of a big event!

When Whitney Falls Down The Stairs
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Want to talk about a supportive best friend? LC and Whitney are all of our friendship #goals in this infamous scene from The Hills. Whitney was chosen to model Hilary Swank's Oscars dress on Good Morning America, but took a tumble on the way down the stairs. She was a little teary-eyed when she hugged Lauren after all of the chaos and cameras. But, her bestie assured her, "Everybody falls," and that she still looked stunning despite it all.

We're so lucky to have our best friends when we need their support. They're reliable shoulders to cry on, and always know exactly how to make us laugh even in the stickiest situations. What would we do without them cheering us on?

When Whitney Left For The City
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*Cue all the tears.* Whether you and your bestie are headed off to college, or maybe just graduated and are going your separate ways in the real world, this scene is too relatable. You've seen yourself grow up with her by your side, and she's really brought out the best in you. You don't know what you'd do without her constant reminders that you're beautiful inside and out, and she's taught you to be the girl who DGAF sometimes.

When Whitney and Lauren had lunch before parting ways, we were so nostalgic about all the memories they made during their time at Teen Vogue and beyond. The two remained besties, but had to take their love long-distance. Truth is, those kind of relationships can be the hardest, especially when it comes to friends. We were grabbing our tissues and feeling emotional AF for our favorite reality television duo.