These Last-Minute Summer Getaways From NYC Will Trade The Skyscrapers For New Sights

It's very likely that the last thing on your mind right now is the end of summer. After all, the sunniest season of the year is just beginning, and you prepped your oversized tote with all the essentials, like, last weekend. You stocked up on sunscreen, sandals, and breezy sundresses that'll make an appearance on social media more than once. You even bought an extra air conditioner for your apartment because, let's be honest: It gets sticky in the city when the temperature hits over 70 degrees. But, I double dog dare you to start thinking about and planning the last-minute summer getaways from NYC that'll trade those skyscrapers for new sights.

Before you know it, it's going to be August, and you'll be wondering where the weekends went. You'll be hanging in your kitchen, whipping up a fresh fruit smoothie, and texting your besties messages like, "Oh my god. This summer flew by. We never ended up going to Montauk!" They'll instantly respond with disappointed face emojis, sad memes, and GIFs of your favorite sitcom characters frowning. One of your besties — likely the optimistic one — will send a message like, "There's always next year!"

That's very true. Waiting months to have an adventure outside of the bustling streets and subway stations already sounds like the worst, though. You'd rather make the most of the time you have now, and go on a last-minute getaway. Can I suggest these five? Sweet!

Newport, Rhode Island
Raymond Forbes LLC/Stocksy

The first place I want to put on your radar is Newport, Rhode Island. Filled with mansions, amazing views, and beautiful beaches, it's the destination you need to visit this summer before you surround yourself with skyscrapers for the rest of the year.

From the moment you arrive, you'll enjoy breathing in the ocean air and swooning over the Rosecliff mansion or The Breakers. You'll love watching the waves crash against the shore along the Cliff Walk, and want to check out all the art galleries, breweries, and biking trails, too.

The best part? You'll be able to do just about everything in a weekend trip, and go back to NYC feeling totally refreshed.

Hudson, New York
Deirdre Malfatto/Stocksy

Believe it or not, the city isn't the only beautiful part of the state of New York. Sure, the billboards and neon lights of Times Square are out of this world, and the slices of pizza always catch your eye. But, a last-minute getaway will show you that there are mountains, hiking trails, and delicious eateries beyond the borders of the boroughs.

Simply hop in a car and type Hudson, New York into your GPS to get to them. Be sure to have a good pair of sneakers and a camera with you, because you'll likely want to spend an afternoon exploring all the shops and taking pictures in Instagram-worthy cafés.

Give yourself some time to drive to the trails in the Catskills, and soak in the greenery, too. It'll be so good for your soul.

Asbury Park, New Jersey
Cameron Whitman/Stocksy

You may have already heard a lot about the Jersey Shore. What you might not know about, though, is the fun-filled weekend waiting for you and your crew in Asbury Park. Sunscreen, a cute bathing suit, and a Polaroid camera? Required.

Start your adventure at the Asbury Park Boardwalk, where you'll find lots of places to listen to live music, eat incredible food, and take in the views. From there, head to the beach and lay out a towel, so that you can get your "hot dogs or legs" pics and work on your tan lines, too.

It'll be the vacation that you need after working long hours this summer, or running back and forth between your other plans. TBH, you'll probably ditch your phone during this trip in the spirit on turning relaxation mode on.

Mystic, Connecticut
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Growing up, I took so many trips to Mystic, Connecticut. I drove down with my mom, and we grabbed fish and chips for lunch. We walked around the town, shopped, and looked at all the boats that were chilling in the harbors.

To this day, I still love this destination. And I would highly recommend it to you, if you're looking for a last-minute vacation from NYC. It won't take you long to get to, especially if you hop on a train or leave early to beat the traffic along the shore, and it'll be 100% worth it. (I pinky promise.)

Just be sure to add visiting Mystic Aquarium to your itinerary. Leave the rest of your schedule completely free, though, so that you can find restaurants and coffee shops to call your own.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts
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Catching a sunset or two is #necessary in the summer. Whether you're in the city and watching the sun dance around the skyscrapers, or on vacation somewhere beachy, it's the best way to appreciate this season and the world we live in.

Now, I know you'll truly never get sick of the views from the top of your apartment building. But, I still think you should consider watching one of these sunsets from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. You won't regret it, especially after spending a few days with your toes in the sand.

Just research a cute cottage to stay in in late August, or an Airbnb that's decorated with seashells and bottles of sand. Pick a weekend, make a reservation, and then go.

I know it seems early to be thinking about the end of summer but it will come sooner than you currently believe. Plan accordingly and go on a last-minute getaway, OK?