5 Last-Minute Costumes You Can Make With Beer Boxes That'll Win Halloween

"You snooze, you lose." Well, at least that's what your older siblings always told you on Halloween. One of your parents used to take all of you trick or treating around the neighborhood. You dressed up as ghost, a witch, or something else particularly spooky. And your brother was dressed up as an Olympic candy collector — or at least, so it seemed. He rushed up to every door, snagging the biggest and best candy bar in the basket. You always got exactly what you wanted, too. But, he couldn't help rubbing it in your face that he got to the doorbell first. Now, you're looking for some last-minute costumes you can make with boxes you already have in your house, with that same phrase in mind. Don't worry: Natural Light figured out what you're going to be, so be prepared to win that costume contest, too.

Yes, you read that right. Thanks to the community of Natty Light lovers, you're going to have a costume that's hilarious and stands out in the crowd. (Phew! You were worried about that for a second back there.) If you're 21 or over, then you may have had some sips of this beer before. What you didn't know is that the box that's still laying around can be used for a costume. Just pick up a pair of scissors, a marker, some tape, and get into that crafty mindset, OK?

A Boom Box
Natural Light

Every party needs some music, right? So, why don't you skip trying to track down the AUX cord and make a costume that's hitting all the right notes.

Simply cut out the "speakers" and use tape to make them look 3D. From there, create the handle and then carry it all night on your shoulder. (Preferably without the cans inside, because that would get quite heavy.)

To top off this look, wear an '80s workout outfit, or recreate a look from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Thanks to the boxes lying around in your house, you just brought the beats.

A Pair Of Bunny Ears
Natural Light

A bunny costume is iconic on Halloween, thanks to your favorite character from Mean Girls. All it takes is a cotton tail and cutting up one of the boxes laying around in your house to create a costume that will surely win the costume contest.

Start with an empty box and draw out the shape of the ears on one side. Cut along the line you created, and then fold the bottom edges to attach the ears to a headband. Now, you're looking cute and festive just in time to collect some candy. Trick or treat? Personally, I'll always go straight for the Kit Kats.

A Game Of Cornhole
Natural Light

Next to music, every party needs some games. If you're 21 or over, then you may have participated in a few rounds of beer pong, or even flip cup. But, the best of these games will always be cornhole — in my personal opinion.

When it comes down to it, the rules to cornhole are pretty simple. The object is to get the bag of beans either onto the board or in the hole to score points. The first team to reach 21 points wins. At this party, though, you are the real winner because of your costume! All night, people are going to want to try tossing candy at your look, and you get to keep it all! (At least those are the new rules that I just made up.)

A NattyTron Robot
Natural Light

Let's look toward the future. It's the year 3000 and the Jonas Brothers have just come out with another album. Everyone is living underwater, and your extended family is doing just fine. (That's how their song "Year 3000" goes, right?) And you're still winning costume contests left and right, because you're the NattyTron robot.

That's right, you constructed a costume that makes every party guest feel like they just time traveled. Although it's a little more difficult than the rest on this list to put together, it's worth it, because you get a lot of praise from your friends for such creativity. Now, what was Jimmy Neutron's catchphrase? Oh, right: "Gotta blast!"

A Surfer
Natural Light

Making waves is your style this Halloween, so it's only right that you're a surfer, courtesy of Natural Light, or the other boxes laying around your house.

This costume is perfect for the last-minute party-goer, who also desperately misses summertime. Just use the empty boxes to fashion a pair of shorts, and make a surfboard out of the other part.

Explain to every person that you have a conversation with that you ran into a shark during your latest excursion. Vampires, goblins, and ghosts can bite. But, nothing is quite as terrible as a sea creature or a bad Halloween costume. (Thank goodness yours is on point!)