These Easy Makeup Ideas & Techniques Will Up The Ante On Any Halloween Glam

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With the beauty community really upping the ante, there's never before been so more pressure to serve up a spectacular, intricate Halloween glam. That said, not everyone will spend hours primping at their vanity on October 31, and frankly, not everybody wants to. Getting your beauty look justright can sometimes be difficult; fortunately, these five easy Halloween 2019 makeup ideas will rid you of any stress. No matter what you're dressing up as this year, the five simple yet effective approaches below will help you amp up your costume and look your very best.

If you're not a beauty guru the other 364 days of the year, you can't expect to wake up a blending, buffing wizard come October 31, now can you? Still, buying a few key products and tools in advance will ensure your Halloween glam holds up against even your most makeup-savvy friends' look. Whether its an add-on like rhinestones, face stickers, or fake blood, a technique like stenciling, or a monochromatic color scheme, the following will all make your costume even cuter, without forcing you to spend your trick-or-treating time getting ready. Read on and see which suggestion works best with your current costume; or, prepare to be inspired by these suggestions and come up with a whole new ensemble.

Dress It Up With Decals

The easiest way to jazz up a Halloween costume is to throw on a one-and-done face decal, and if you don't consider yourself especially skilled when it comes to makeup, consider these babies your newfound lifesaver. Whether your costume be scary or sweet, there's a sticker to complete your look, from face-framing fairy-friendly crystals to spookier faux-masks and even bats. Yup, Bat Face Stickers ($6, are my top pick for Halloween 2019, especially if you just want to throw on a cute LBD and go, but need to look like you made some ~effort~. Another fab option is the new Haus Laboratories x Face Lace Armor Masque No. 1 ($25, Spoiler alert, drawing that out on your own would take hours, not to mention use up the last of your fave liquid liner.

Opt For Stencils & Shimmer

Hoping to channel mermaid vibes? The look is all about the glam, but it couldn't be easier to achieve. To really nail an under-the-sea beauty look, creating fish-like scales is key, and dropping a few bucks on a reusable stencil will save you from hours of DIY detailwork. The Fish Scale Cookie Stencil Template ($5, should do the trick, and when paired with blues, greens, and purples, it can help you live out your best mermaid fantasy. For this, the Natasha Denona Mini Tropic Eyeshadow Palette ($25, is a must — either use all five shades for an ombre of scales, or have each of your BFFs pick a color and dress accordingly in mermaid attire. P.S. — if you're planning on going as a Game of Thrones dragon, the green shadow and scale stencil will come in handy yet again.

Make A Monochrome Look

If you really aren't sure how to best compliment your costume, pick one hue and go all-out with a monochromatic face. For instance, a standard devil costume is made far better when emphasized by a bold red lip and even more red on the eyes. The Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette ($27, paired with the YSL Beauty Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain in "Red Tribe" ($47, are a perfect match, especially when going all out and using the matte reds in the palette for a devilish contour.

Try Out Simple Special FX

I know, I know, you want easy, and special FX glam is rarely that. Still, a few drops of fake blood take seconds to apply, and can amp up any vamire lewk in seconds! Pretty much any gory costume needs a little bit of blood to finish things off, and the Kangaroo Vampire Blood Gel ($8, is an easy-to-use formula that can help you achieve realistic-looking drips and clots in seconds.

Go For Euphoria Gems

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it is broke, glue on a few gems and see if it makes a difference, because I guarantee it will. I haven't done a makeup look in months that hasn't been made better by the addition of a few rhinestones, and I have Euphoria and all its iconic makeup looks to thank for the sparkly inspo. The TecUnite 2000 Pieces Flat Back Gems Round Crystal Rhinestones ($8, come in a set with six sizes of gems and tools to help you place them on the eyes. For a fast-drying, go-to glue, the Esquido Companion Eyelash Glue ($10, is my personal fave, especially since it has a thin-tipped brush that makes dotting glue on the back of tiny rhinestones a breeze.

See? You can have a glam Halloween without spending hours brainstorming and applying a look! Just make sure you've got all the products you need before the 31 rolls around, and you'll be good as ghoul — err, gold.