These Halloween Makeup Looks Will Transform You Into Your Fave Fictional Character

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You can always count on autumn to deliver PSLs, cozy sweaters, and endless amounts of awe-worthy trendy boots sitting in store windows. Fall 2019 is bringing some extra spice to the season with a new selection of spine-chilling movies guaranteed to put you in spooky-season mood. That’s right, Halloween is fast approaching, meaning it’s time to start searching for statement costumes to rock with your crew. With all the opportunities to dress up like fictional characters, Halloween is arguably the best time to embrace your pop-culture passions, and mixing those passions with fire Halloween makeup looks is a recipe for an iconic costume.

Inspired by recent and upcoming blockbuster releases, these makeup looks will make you the must-see attraction at any Halloween event. Don’t forget to use your favorite setting spray to generously top off any look you pick, because you will absolutely need it to preserve your masterpiece amid sweaty, over-crowded parties. Also, don’t forget to practice mastering a sexy-scary smize in the mirror, because you'll want to stunt in these incredible looks with a flawless Insta photo.

The Joker

Joker is a highly anticipated psychological drama coming out in October 2019, so naturally, Joker costumes are liable to be extra popular this year. Here’s how to slay in a stand-out Joker look that will give you every right to ask people, “Why so serious?”

Purple Eyeshadow

Nothings says “Joker” like purple and green hues, so prepare to pack on some purple shadow. Remember, the Joker is a theatrical villain, so don’t be afraid to get dramatic with your eye makeup.

Green Brows

Once you’ve finished your dramatic eye look, it’s time for a dramatic brow. Use this eyeliner to give yourself a well-defined green brow. This green is bold, deep, and glittery, so it’s guaranteed to give you brows that pop.

Red Lips

The most memorable thing about the Joker his cynical smile, which is permanently scarred onto his face. Fill in your lips with this red lipstick pencil and draw a line extending from each corner of your mouth. Smudge it all up to create the creepy scarring effect.

Eyeliner and Face Tats

Use this eyeliner to give yourself a wing so sharp, it's threatening. If you want to draw inspiration from Jared Leto’s joker, this liner’s fine and easy-to-control tip makes it perfect for drawing on the Joker's face tats.


Maleficent: Mistress of Evil hits theaters in October 2019, and dressing up as a Disney villain is a classic Halloween move. If you’re looking for a costume that strikes the perfect balance between magic and terror, this makeup look and these products are sure to do the trick.

Sparkly Green Eyelids

If you want to look like you dwell in an enchanted forest, you need to incorporate some sparkly, deep green colors into your makeup look. Packed with an iridescent green pigment and shimmer, this spellbinding shadow is perfect for any magical creature.

Purple Crease

Continue your makeup sorcery by adding a purple shadow to your crease. This palette is a kingdom of purple hues fit for Maleficent herself, so pick whichever shade you love best and blend away.

Red Lips

An intimidating villain needs intimidating lips, which makes this bold lipstick perfect for Maleficent. The lipstick’s satin finish will keep your lips looking so hydrated and fresh, everyone will think you’re using a beauty spell.


Hello, cheekbones! Maleficent is the queen of exaggerated cheekbones, so contouring is an absolute must. This contour stick is one of the best and easiest to use in the game, and it’s guaranteed to give you a wickedly sharp look.


I am tragically terrified of clowns (I’ve never seen a single horror movie), but Pennywise is so iconic, even I recognize his famous (or maybe infamous) makeup. The newly released It Chapter 2 has already drawn crowds of people to the theaters, so if you’re brave enough to transform into one of Stephen King’s most menacing monsters, here’s what you’ll need.

Face Base

Covering your face in white paint can be an uncomfortable hassle, and sometimes not ideal if you're hoping to achieve a look that skews more "cute" and less "accurate." Ditch caking on face paint and blend this white concealer all over your face instead.

Red Eyeshadow

Frightening eyes are a necessity for any Pennywise costume, which means you’ll need to get messy and dark with your shadow. Cover your lids in this deep red and smudge it across your lower lash line to start looking like the sun-deprived monster of your wildest nightmares.

Eyeliner and Lip Liner

Continuing with the sun-deprived theme, throw this black eyeliner onto your lids and around your lips. It'll help you achieve super dark shadows and contours, so you'll look like an authentic sewer-wandering monster.

Red Lips, Red Nose, and Face Art

The most recognizable parts of Pennywise’s face are the red lines stretching from each corner of his mouth up through his brows. This red lip liner will give you the fine tip and control you need to draw these lines with precision. Fill in your lips and draw on your clown nose with the same liner, and you’ll officially look like a menace to society.

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams, with her two long braids and white-collared black dress, is an iconic and easy-to-recognize Halloween costume, not to mention The Addams Family animated movie comes out in October. If you want to convince everyone you’re a member of the notorious kooky and spooky family, here are some makeup tips.

Face Base

The Addams family is a ghoulish bunch, so you'll want to cover up your natural glow by applying some of this setting powder with a heavy hand. Don’t brush it off too much, because the excess powder will give you an over-exaggerated matte finish and help you look more pale like Wednesday.

Black Lips

Wednesday Addams is not one for a pop of color, but that doesn’t mean her look isn't eye-catching. This black liquid lipstick is so flawlessly pigmented and matte, you just might just turn macabre monochramtic into the hottest new beauty trend.

Silver and Black Smokey Eye

Your eye makeup should be mysterious and beautiful for a Wednesday Addams look. Pair a metallic light gray on your lids with a matte dark gray or black in your creases to create the perfect combo.

Black Eyeliner

This eyeliner will help you achieve a wing so precise, people will think you enrolled in a makeup class with Morticia. You can also color your lower waterline with the pencil end to add an extra element of haunted depth to your eyes.

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