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'The Queen's Gambit' Fans Will Love These Custom Chess Sets On Etsy

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If someone you love puts "a new game" on their wishlist this year, double check if they're a fan of The Queen's Gambit, before you head out to the store. This Netflix mini-series about a chess prodigy is a total hit, and may just be bringing back board games that require lots of time, strategy, and telling stares. Instead of snagging a Nintendo Switch, you may want to look into custom chess sets on Etsy that a true fan will admire and adore.

Each custom chess set is unique in its own way, whether it's built on a rustic slice of wood to give it a nature vibe, or designed with Minnie and Mickey Mouse ears to appeal to your Disney-loving friends and family members, too. To get one, you don't need to know much about the Netflix show starring Anya Taylor-Joy that takes place in the U.S. in the 1960s. You should only be familiar with the gift receiver's other interests, so you can totally tailor the chess set to them.

Ultimately, the set will make for a thoughtful and long-lasting gift. Even if there are only a few seasons of Queen's Gambit, the chess board will be a useful or decorative piece in your person's space. Here are a few to shop on Etsy that'll make any fan say, "Check and mate!"

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This Marble Chess Set That Has A Beautiful Floral Design

If you and your Queen's Gambit-loving friend or family member have ever traveled together, then you may want to get them an exquisite, marble chess set ($220, Etsy). This one in particular is handmade by artisans in India with high-quality marble. It'll be not only fun to play, but a decorative piece that'll draws the attention of every player.

This Chess Board That's So Intricate

The combination of beech wood and Mother of Pearl shells in this handmade chess board ($138, Etsy) make it truly a piece of fine work. Each space is like a geode, giving heart eyes to both you and your cunning opponent. A Queen's Gambit fan will love acting out thrilling or mysterious scenes while sitting at this board. One note: You will need to buy the pieces for the chess board separately.

This Chess Set That's Perfect For A Cozy Night In

A cozy night in a cabin isn't complete without games. Of course, the Queen's Gambit fan in your life may want to play a round of chess, on a board ($52, Etsy) that's both rustic and nature-lovin'. Look no further than this piece on Etsy that's made out of a slice of wood. It comes with clear and frosted pieces, and is bound to deliver some good times.

This Chess Set That's Made Of Concrete

A chess set made of concrete ($255, Etsy) looks and feels so industrial, and will likely lead to hours of comforting fun. You may find your best friend or family member playing chess as they re-watch the mini series to spot the behind-the-scenes facts or prepare for a new season.

This Chess Board That's Inspired By Mickey And Minnie Mouse

There's really a chess board ($56, Etsy) for everyone, including the Disney fans of the world. Now, this board is made for either checkers or chess, and comes with checkers pieces. However, if you buy some chess figurines separately, it's bound to be a perfect gift. Your best friend or family member will love how the dark spots are Mickey Mouse, and the lighter ones are Minnie. They'll probably show off this gift on their Instagram feed, too.

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