5 Airbnbs In Mykonos For Your Bestie's Bachelorette Party & The Most Epic #Views

When it comes to your bestie's bachelorette party, you and the rest of the bridal crew have something epic in mind. It requires passports, plane tickets, and checking a major item off of your bucket list. You want to take the bride-to-be to a dreamy island in Greece where she can soak up the saltwater, stick her toes in the sand, and enjoy the beautiful #views from one of these Airbnbs in Mykonos.

Don't worry, because I have a few in mind that'll make you want to hit the "book" button right away. First, though, I want to talk about your itinerary. Are you going to sign up for snorkeling at the nearby beach, or go shopping in town for an afternoon? Are you going to relax by an infinity pool, or explore the island and channel your inner adventurer?

Personally, I hope you make time for everything and make memories that are worth putting in a frame as you go. That's what will truly take this bachelorette party to the next level, and prepare your bestie — the bride-to-be — to say, "I do." Now, confirm your stay at one of these Airbnbs in Mykonos, because they have all the beautiful views and vibes.

This Beautiful Suite That's Perfect For Taking A Dip

The first of these Airbnbs is this gorgeous suite that's perfect for taking a dip. It's only a minute away from the beach and has an outdoor pool with comfy lounge chairs. If your bestie loves relaxing, taking pictures, and has a few new bathing suits to sport, then this will be the ultimate place for her bachelorette party.

During the day, you and the rest of the bridal crew can chill by the water and laugh in the sunshine. You'll walk to the supermarket in town to grab a bunch of fresh fruit, cheeses, and breads for a picnic lunch, and then eat near the waves.

Afterwards, you might pop a bottle of champagne and toast to the ~almost~ newlywed. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty picture-perfect for everyone involved.

This Breathtaking Villa With All The #Views

Let's be honest: Some places around the world are meant to be on a postcard, and those are the dreamy destinations you want to take your bestie to for her bachelorette party. She really doesn't deserve anything less than colorful sunsets and unreal #views. Can I suggest staying at this breathtaking villa in Mykonos?

It has everything you're looking for and possibly more, from a cozy fireplace to a pool that overlooks the salty teal waters below. In addition, it has a pastel bathroom that'll make you want to take lots of mirror pics in the morning.

Book it and then start planning what you're going to put in your suitcase, like confetti, beachy outfits, and multiple pairs of sunnies. You won't regret it.

This Luxurious Villa That's Made For Instagram Pics

During your bestie's bachelorette weekend, you're planning on taking lots of pictures. Selfies, candid shots, and clever pics by the pool are definitely included. Have you started clearing your camera roll yet? I sure hope so, especially if you're going to book and stay in this luxurious villa that's made for Instagram.

It has so many spots where you can have a good time and capture them with your lens, like a private pool, a terrace, and rooms that are decorated with blue accents. You and the rest of the bridal crew can get your rest and relaxation on.

You'll come back from your few days on the other side of the world feeling refreshed and ready to post lots of #content. What more could you ask for?

4.This Sweet Home With Access To An Infinity Pool

In my experience, the best Airbnbs on the market come with a really special amenity. This could be a balcony that has a breakfast nook, or a blooming garden that's filled with fruit trees and beautiful flowers. In the case of this sweet home in Mykonos, it's access to an infinity pool.

You read that right. Your dreams of swimming in a place where the water seemingly touches the sky can come true on your bestie's bachelorette weekend. You can soak up that experience for as long as you like, or until it's time for the bridal crew to explore the island or eat at the local restaurants.

Do yourself a favor and order a little bit of everything off the menus. Then, retreat back to this slice of paradise.

This Dreamy Apartment With Lots Of Island Vibes

Last but not least, planning a bachelorette weekend for your bestie in Mykonos means you're really looking for one thing: island vibes. You're hoping to walk into your accommodations and feel like Young Donna from Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

That's why I'd highly recommend this dreamy apartment that has panoramic #views of the island. It'll give you major heart eyes when you take your first glance of the pool area, and make you squeal with excitement when you see the sun shine into the cozy kitchen and rooms, too. Most importantly, it'll make for a very epic bachelorette party for your bestie.