5 Instagram Captions For Your First Valentine’s Day Together That Will Attract More Heart Emojis Than Eye-Rolls

Your first Valentine’s Day as a couple is pretty momentous: It sets the tone for how you and your boo will express your appreciation of each other, whether romance means writing a heartfelt card, indulging in a five-course meal, or surprising them with tickets to see their favorite band. And since the relationship is pretty fresh, you’re probably eager to brag about it on social media. The only challenge? Figuring out the perfect 2019 Instagram captions for your first Valentine’s Day together. You know — the kind that’s likely to attract more heart emojis than eye-rolls.

Obviously, IG will be peppered with photos of couples on Valentine’s Day. Your feed — and everyone else’s — will be flooded with bouquets of flowers, staged kisses, and elegant dinner spreads. That doesn’t mean you can’t post something to acknowledge your love, however. It’s just a matter of crafting that perfect caption that’s cute without being cheesy — one that stands out from all the rest. Whatever you write, it should fully capture how you feel about bae, but it should also be short and sweet. More importantly, it should make your followers instinctively go, “aww!” (and maybe, just maybe, make them feel a little bit jealous).

Strapped for ideas? Don’t fret. Here are some creative captions for boasting about bae on your first Valentine’s Day together.

For a post about your boo’s epic gift.
Nabi Tang/Stocksy

Last year, my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to a Bruins game — I’m a huge hockey fan, and he knew I hadn’t gotten to go to a game all season. It wasn’t until we were actually inside TD Garden that I knew this was the plan. We had only been dating for three months, and I had yet to post anything even remotely hinting at our relationship. Given that I was so blown away by the gesture, I decided to finally post a photo from the game — on our first Valentine’s Day together. The caption read:

“He gets me.”

Go ahead and copy me, I don’t mind. “She gets me,” or “he gets me,” is a super simple way to let your followers know you’ve found a perfect match. Plus, it’s one way to brag about how well your SO knows you (and showed it with their on-point V-day gift) without being totally obnoxious.

For a pic of you both being goofballs.

If you and your SO aren’t big on sappy posts, you might be more likely to post a pic of you both doing something goofy, like laughing or making quirky faces at the camera.

If this is the case, it’s time to bust out some epic lyrics from G-Eazy and Halsey’s hit, “Him & I”:

"We got that love, the crazy kind.”

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. This caption suggests the bond you share is far from ordinary.

For the coworkers turned couple.
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

If your relationship was sparked with an office romance, why not pay homage to how you met in your post? Better yet, why not accomplish that by referencing our all-time favorite office couple ever? The caption will read a little something like this:

“Ladies and gentlemen: The Jim to my Pam," (or the Pam to my Jim, depending).

If that doesn’t inspire some congratulatory comments, TBH, I don’t know what will.

For your not-so-sappy #soulmates post.
Luke Liable/Stocksy

In one of the most iconic episodes of Friends, Phoebe reassures Ross that he and Rachel will eventually reunite by telling him that she’s his lobster. She reasons that lobsters mate for life, so in other words, Ross and Rachel are meant for each other — soul mates.

Without a doubt, Rachel and Ross are one of the most well-loved TV couples ever. So, this Valentine’s Day, put Phoebe’s wisdom to use with a simple Instagram caption:

“You’re my lobster.”

Obviously, Friends fans will especially appreciate this reference. It’s bound to get a chuckle, but it’s also cute AF without being over-the-top.

For your PDA pic.

Look, if you’re going to post a photo of you smooching bae on the cheek (or in a full-on liplock), holding hands, or embracing, Valentine’s Day is truly the time to do it. But what is there to say to accompany such PDA?

Never fear, John Legend lyrics are here to give your post some class (plus make your followers swoon, obvi). Try this:

“I love it when you're loving me / Sometimes it's better when it's publicly.”

These lyrics come from “P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care),” and they perfectly capture the lack of shame you feel from physically expressing your love for bae in a public place.

There's nothing wrong with a little digital expression of your love on Valentine's Day — and if it's your first time celebrating as a couple, you're probably feeling extra giddy about your newfound romance. So go ahead and post away — just be sure to consider one of these cute yet clever captions, and don't be surprised if you see #couplegoals in the comments.