10 Valentine's Day Instagram Captions That Are So Utterly Romantic


On Valentine's Day, I plan on posting an Instagram photo of myself wearing a festive, red and white T-shirt that I recently got at Francesca's with the words "I don't need a valentine, I need vodka," printed on the front. My caption will be, "Read the shirt." I've had this planned out for about two weeks now, so I get the need to come up with Valentine's Day Instagram captions well ahead of time. No judgment here.

Of course, my Valentine's Day caption is meant to poke fun at my single status on Feb. 14 but if you're happily in love or just infatuated with your partner, that's worth sharing, too. You can choose Instagram captions from your favorite romantic movies or tap into your inner Dad-joke enthusiast with a funny pun about love. I promise I'm not here to hate on your Valentine's Day couple pics on Instagram, no matter how cheesy they might be.

Instead, I want to help, which is why I've come up with 10 romantic Instagram captions for every situation and the Valentine's Day photos you should pair them with. As a disclaimer, some of these are so extra but it's Instagram so just go with it? I seriously can't wait to double-tap on all of these.

For The Romantic At Heart

The caption: "Roses are red. Violets are blue. My Valentine's date is cuter than you."

The photo options:

  • You and your Valentine all dressed up for a night out.
  • Your Valentine from across the dinner table.

The caption: "If paper valentines were still a thing, I'd give mine to you."

The photo options:

  • You and your Valentine holding cutout hearts.
  • Your Valentine in the background with their face positioned perfectly inside your heart hands at the forefront.

For The Social Media Junkie

The caption: "I love you every day but this photo will get more likes today."

The photo options:

  • You and your Valentine holding thumbs up and heart emoji photo props.
  • You and your Valentine kissing while holding a cut-out Instagram frame.

For The Couple Who Met On An App

The caption: "It was love at first swipe."

The photo options:

  • You and your Valentine lovingly clutching your phones.
  • You of your Valentine kissing behind your phones to hide your faces.

The caption: "You were definitely the Right Swipe."

The photo options:

  • You pointing at your Valentine who's standing to the right of you.
  • You and your Valentine kissing while holding your phones toward the camera with each other's Tinder profiles on your screens.

For The Pop Culture Aficionado

The caption (inspired by Friends): "Pictured here: my lobster and my Valentine."

The photo options:

  • You and your Valentine at dinner (ideally having lobster, duh).
  • You gifting your Valentine a lobster-shaped stuffed animal to convey this very sentiment.

The caption (inspired by The Bachelor): "I accepted the rose."

The photo options:

  • You holding the roses your Valentine gifted you.
  • Your Valentine holding a rose out for you.

The caption (inspired by Valentine's Day): "We skipped the four-course Sweethearts' Menu and the eight-course Eternal Love and opted for the one-course Only Been Dating For Two Weeks But It Looks Promising option."

The photo:

  • You and your Valentine on a casual ice-cream or coffee date

For Wine Lovers

The caption: "Roses are red. Violets are blue. Wine is cheaper than dinner for two."

The photo options:

  • You and your Valentine toasting with full wine glasses in your apartment or dorm.
  • The amazing wine and cheese plate you've laid out for your date.

For The Outdoorsy Couple

Caption: "The view is all right but I'm more in love with you."

The photo:

  • You and your Valentine in front of a scenic background from your hike or sunset walk.

If you're anything like me, you'll probably want to choose your favorite caption-photo combo and plan your entire night around it but what do I know?

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