7 Funny Instagram Captions That Poke Fun At How Single You Are On Valentine's Day

We all know that not every single person is hungry for the responsibility and time commitment that comes with a relationship. But chances are, even the most freedom-loving singles might feel a teeny bit forlorn on Valentine's Day, thanks to the thousands of lovey-dovey pics on social media. Using funny Valentine's Day Instagram captions is great for anyone who refuses to succumb to the single blues. And good for you, because having a partner isn't going to make you happy if you can't find a way to be content on your own.

Back in the old days (the social media-less ones), it was so much easier to pretend Valentine's Day was just like any other normal day. And with the exception of dodging a few preteen make-out sessions in public and pretending to appreciate those gross heart candies with messages on them, you could pretty much power through the day without too many annoying reminders of your relationship status.

But of course, those days are long gone. Prepare to be accosted by Instagrams of severely overcooked steaks, flashy bling, and obnoxiously on-the-nose boomerangs come Feb. 14. If adding some pro-single humor to the mix is your style, then more power to you. Try one of these funny Instagram captions that'll poke a little fun at being single.

1. "At Least I'll Always Have A Pizza My Heart"

Puns are fun, and if missing out on a decadent meal with a hottie has you feeling down, then treat yo'self. Order that pizza and take a pic of that cheesy slice. Make the extra parmesan rain and serenade your real number one.

2. "The Light Of My Life 🐶"

Let's be honest: Pets are kind of like significant others. They're around all the time, they cuddle you when you've had a long day, and even though they can be totally annoying at times, you love 'em anyway. V-Day is the perfect chance to pay tribute to your furry friend.

3. "Here's To Many More Years Of Happiness With Myself!"

Sometimes, you just gotta have a drink. Let me just say that drinking (responsibly) is a truly wonderful pastime that has the unique ability to make you forget about all of the... well, look, at the very least, an artsy pic of a bottle of Jack with a lipstick stain on it would certainly make an aesthetically pleasing 'Gram.

4. "I Love The Look On My Face When I Surprise Myself With Chocolates!"

Pair this caption with a selfie of you eating chocolate that will make everyone wonder how you are still single. Then, polish off the chocolates, write them off as a business expense for your "personal brand," and ironically fall asleep while watching Sleepless in Seattle. Done.

5. "No Bae Means More For Me."

Take yourself to dinner and celebrate the fact that you are single and don't have to share any of that tasty grub with anyone for as long as you want.

6. "I Would Just Like To Thank Myself For Getting Me This Far. I Could Never Have Done It Without You."

Truer words have never been spoken. If you didn't have you, then I guess you wouldn't be able to do anything, now would you?

7. "Falling In Love < Taking A Nap"

Honestly, napping could very well be more beneficial than having a bae in the long run. And when you do finally meet your forever boo, at least you will be well-rested AF.

I know seeing all of those pics of happy couples "in love" might put a damper on things if you aren't completely satisfied with single life, but there's no point in letting it get you down for too long. Humor really does make less-than-perfect situations feel a whole lot better.

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