A puppy dressed like a pumpkin stands next to some Halloween decorations.

These Captions For Your Puppy's Halloween Costume Are Quite Fetching

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There are so many "first" experiences to share with your new puppy, but nothing comes close to their first Halloween. While you're excited to put on your own costume, you're even more excited for your pup's. The first thing you'll want to do after aww-ing nonstop is to take a picture and post it with Instagram captions for puppy costumes. After all, Halloween is the best time to treat your feed to something sweet (aka your pup's cuteness).

Coming up with your own IG caption is about as hard as picking out just one Halloween costume. There are spooky puppy costumes like Frankenstein's monster, and cute ones like a cuddly teddy bear. If you ended up buying multiple (Because, we've all been there.) you must put on a puppy fashion show. Then, capture your pup running around the house in their costume and chilling next to some Halloween decor, like a jack-o-lantern or fake cobwebs. You could also get an Instagram Reel of them walking around the neighborhood as you check out the spooky houses on your block, and set it to your fave Halloween song.

If your pup's tired from all the fun festivities, grab a sleeping pic of them in their costume. That's sure to get a ton of likes from your friends, and picking any of these 45 Instagram captions for puppy costume pics will have them barking up the right tree this Halloween.

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1. "I found the cutest pup-kin in the patch."

2. "Lick or treat."

3. "Happy howl-o-ween, my friends."

4. "I don't know about you, but I think my pup is looking pretty fur-ocious."

5. "Them: Trick or treat! My dog: Did someone say treat?!"

6. "It was a haunt mess trying to get my pup in this costume, but it was worth it."

7. "My dog is too cute to spook."

8. "Don't we look fetching?"

9. "Halloween treats make my tail wag."

10. "Warning: Your feed is about to get a million times cuter."

11. "I think my dog won the costume contest."

12. "Witch way to the treats?"

13. "Someone's looking wicked cute."

14. "My puppy is looking pawsitively bootiful."

15. "My pup will never ghost me."

16. "Happy Halloweenie!"

17. "Zero fluffs were given."

18. "Just hanging with my best ghoul friend."

19. "Trick or treat. Smell my paw. Give me something good to gnaw."

20. "Pug-get about Halloween? Just throw on a last-minute costume."

21. "Having a spooktacular time with my best furry friend."

22. "Howl you doing this Halloween?"

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23. "My pup is giving you pumpkin to talk about."

24. "Looking gourdgeous."

25. "Will trick for treats."

26. "It was love at first bite."

27. "Bone appetit!"

28. "Woof! I mean boo."

29. "When you've got it, haunt it."

30. "I think we have a Hallowinner right here."

31. "Have a safe and barky Halloween."

32. "I'm ready to get this pawty started."

33. "The pawty don't start till my dog walks in."

34. "Felt cute. Might go for a walk later."

35. "It's the *Halloween costume* for me."

36. "My pup loves pup-kin spice and everything nice."

37. "Someone deserves all the treats for wearing this costume."

38. "My pup loves this costumes. I shih tzu not."

39. "Not all witches have cats. Some have pups."

40. "It's called fashion. Ever heard of it?"

41. "Creepin' it real by the treats."

42. "We're still trying to make fetch happen."

43. "I'm just here fur the pup pics."

44. "You can't have a ruff Halloween with this puppy around."

45. "Don't stop retrievin'."