40 Puns About Spring That Are Blooming With Good Vibes

With the daylight saving time change, warmer weather, and flowers beginning to bloom, that means one thing: Spring is officially here. Break out your whimsical sunnies, cute sandals, and pastel rompers for all the adventures that await. Every season feels like a chance to rejuvenate yourself, and why not get in the spirit of things by posting a few selfies in that new floral maxi dress you bought? Before you share on the 'Gram, you'll need some puns about spring to choose from for a caption.

After all, everyone loves a good pun. As cheesy as a pun can be, it puts a smile on your face like an out-of-the-blue bouquet of flowers from bae, so you'll want to be prepared with tons of puns. Plus, there's a lot to look forward to in the spring, including rooftop brunches with your besties, picnics in the park, and watching the sunset at the beach.

Do yourself a favor and keep these 40 spring puns with you all season long. You never know when a vibrant, Instagrammable moment will present itself, and you'll want to share on your feed as quickly as possible. Now that spring is here and you're well-equipped, have the best thyme with your favorite buds.

1. "Sea the beauty in every day."

2. "What in carnation are you up to today?"

3. "You grow, girl."

4. "I'm a succa for you."

5. "I hope your spring doesn't succ."

6. "Don't kale my spring vibes."

7. "We were mint for the spring."

8. "Bloom, baby, bloom!"

Ann Haritonenko/Shutterstock

9. "I'm so excited about the spring that I almost wet my plants."

10. "Last bud not least."

11. "Aloe you vera much."

12. "SEAsing this spring break."

13. "Long thyme, no see, spring."

14. "Spring into the season."

15. "This season puts a little spring in my step."

16. "What a re-leaf it's finally spring."

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17. "April May get here sooner than you think."

18. "I spring roll with it."

19. "I thaw that the weather was getting warmer."

20. "Spring is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf."

21. "Spring thyme is always fresh."

22. "Not a daisy goes by where I don't think of spring."

23. "I think you're dandy, and I'm not lion!"

24. "My love for you blossoms like the spring."


25. "I'm having an egg-cellent spring."

26. "I'm dyeing to know what you're doing tonight."

27. "Spring break? Alpaca my bags!"

28. "We shore are going to have a great time this spring."

29. "This spring, I plan on having a resting beach face."

30. "Where my beaches at?"

31. "Gotta spring break out all my sundresses."

32. "In desperate need of vitamin sea this spring."

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33. "Water you doing this spring?"

34. "Live life in full bloom."

35. "We were mermaid for the spring."

36. "Let's put the petal to the metal."

37. "Here comes the sunflowers."

38. "It's finally the spring. Can I get a, 'Shell yeah?'"

39. "Sometimes, I love the spring tulip much."

40. "I lilac the spring."