22 Sunset Puns For Captions, Because You're Crushin' On Colorful Skies

In your friend group, you're the one who always gets excited when the sky turns pretty colors. You text everyone pictures of the moon, slowly rising above the horizon line into a sea of pink. You likely send messages like, "Look outside your window," and "You have to see the sunset right now." What can you say — the Earth is just so beautiful, and every night, these light shows spark something in your soul. You're not the only one who's crushin' on colorful skies, though. Did you know that? Maybe not. Well, let me tell you this, then: You need some sunset puns for captions to share your favorite moments on 'Gram.

Truth is, I've talked to your followers on Instagram, and they love the shades of pink and orange, too. They love rushing down to the coastline around 7 p.m. or so, and watching the sun touch the waves. Sometimes, they bring a pizza and a bunch of snacks with them, and stay there for a while. They lay out a blanket or colorful tapestry, listen to some alternative music, and chill.

I don't blame them! It's a calming and rewarding way to end the day, and always puts the unexpected things that can happen totally into perspective. Every time I watch a sunset, I'm reminded that that the world is so wide. I'm also reminded that I should travel to the dreamy destinations on my bucket list, like, now, and that my camera roll is meant to be filled with selfies and sunset pics.

Can you agree? Of course. That's why you're looking for some puns and funny captions. You want your followers to appreciate those sunsets and beautiful moments as much as you — to crush on those colorful skies.

Caleb Gaskins/Stocksy

1. "Sunsets and my sol-mates."

2. "Sunset of a beach."

3. "This sunset stole a pizza our hearts."

4. "Sun's out, puns out."

5. "Keep palm and find pink skies."

6. "Life's a beach. Sunsets make it better."

7. "Words cannot espresso how much I love sunsets."

8. "Want to race to the sunset? I bet I can beach you to it."

Aaron Thomas/Stocksy

9. "'Tis the sea-sun to rush down to the beach for sunset."

10. "We're mermaid for each other and sunsets."

11. "Keep your eye on the pink skies."

12. "I can sea the moon clearly now."

13. "Saying 'shell yeah' for sunsets."

14. "Sunset in my hair, don't care."

15. "Wishing on every starfish for another sunset."

16. "If there's a will, there's a wave and a sunset."


17. "Sunset on it."

18. "I stayed up all night to see where the sun went, and then it dawned on me."

19. "Seek to sea more sunsets."

20. "Happy as a clam."

21. "Girls just wanna have sunsets."

22. "This is my happy face. It's brought to you by a sunset."

Did you find at least one caption that expresses your love for sunset? Perfect! Now, grab your friends and head down the beach or the top of your apartment building. Reminisce on all the good times, and make some new memories while the sun goes down.

Those will be the laughs that you remember years from now, or tomorrow morning when you're daydreaming about the sky and its pretty colors. It's truly your happy place.