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Spring Staycation With Your Dog Will Be Extra Pawesome With These 40 Captions

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It doesn't matter where you go when you have your dog by your side — even if you go nowhere at all. Since your spring break plans this year include a staycation at home, you might as well plan some adventures with your fur-ever friend. Whether that includes a picnic in the backyard or taking naps in the sun, you've got to be prepared with some captions for spring staycation with your dog to go with every snap you take.

Considering the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends you delay traveling until you're fully vaccinated, the safest thing to do this spring is to stay where you are. But even if you're not traveling to the beach or abroad, you can still have an epic staycation. With your dog as your partner in crime, come up with some Insta-worthy activities you can do together. You could get dressed in matching spring florals while hanging in the backyard or taking a leisurely stroll together. While you're outside, record a few TikTok trends together, like playing hide and seek.

You could even play catch with some tennis balls while wearing a super cute tennis dress. Consider treating yourselves to a homemade puppuccino for your dog and a Corona sunrise for yourself while relaxing by the pool at the end of the day. When the time comes to post a cute pic to the 'Gram, you'll be ready with these 40 spring staycation dog captions. No need to work — you're on staycation after all.

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1. "Anywhere with you is paw-fection."

2. "If you're wondering, the answer is yes. Being this cute is ruff."

3. "I'll remember this spring fur-ever."

4. "It's time to paws and reflect."

5. "All I need is a drink in my hand and my pup by my side."

6. "Home is where *the heart is. *my dog"

7. "The tans may fade, but the memories will last fur-ever."

8. "We've got a little spring in our step."

9. "Looking quite fetching."

10. "Every dog has its day."

11. "Just having a pawty at home."

12. "Taught my dog a new trick. It's called stay-cation."

13. "Spending my whole day with you is the best vacation ever."

14. "Felt cute, might stay home with my pup all day."

15. "Sorry, Regina, but we made fetch happen."

16. "What's pup?"

17. "I love spending time with my dog furry much."

18. "This will always be our happy place."

19. "BRB, gotta nap."

20. "Have a paw-some spring break."

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21. "This is the best staycation ever. I shih tzu not."

22. "Feeling corgeous, sitting by the pool."

23. "Sleeping in till noon. The puggle is real here."

24. "Anything is pawsible with you."

25. "Today, we plan to do absolutely nothing."

26. "Just another walk in the park."

27. "We're truly treating ourselves."

28. "Happiness is a warm puppy." — Charles M. Schulz

29. "I wish this staycation would last fur-ever."

30. "Just soaking pup the sun."

31. "My dog is the lifeguard on duty."

32. "Dog hair is in this spring. Did you not get the memo?"

33. "Embarking on a home adventure."

34. "Sweet dreams are made of treats."

35. "I truly found my paw-son."

36. "The paw-parazzi caught us doing our thing again."

37. "If I can’t bring my dog, I’m not going."

38. "Pawsitive vibes only."

39. "I just plan on petting my dog all day."

40. "Having the ulti-mutt staycation."