This Corona Sunrise recipe on TikTok Will transform your beer into a 'Gram-worthy cocktail.

TikTokers Are Turning Their Corona Beers Into Seriously 'Gram-Worthy Cocktails

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Forget whipped coffee and feta pasta, because the latest viral TikTok recipe transforms a Corona beer into the prettiest tropical cocktail. While the trend originally generated buzz in October 2020, the Corona Sunrise recipe on TikTok is making waves on the "For You" page once again as we head into spring — and chances are you already have the ingredients at home. If you're 21 years or older, here's how to make TikTok's twist on a tequila sunrise and see if the cocktail really lives up to the hype.

Like a traditional tequila sunrise, TikTok's Corona Sunrise features a mix of tequila, grenadine syrup (a non-alcoholic mixture made with pomegranate juice), and orange juice. To make TikTok's version, however, you'll be using a Corona beer and making the whole cocktail in the bottle.

Not only will you be cutting down on clean-up, but you can expect a finished sip that's 'Gram-worthy, and — according to numerous TikTokers who've tried it — very delicious.

First things first, you'll want to take a long swig of corona beer. According to TikToker @KenDogKenny, you need to open a bottle of the beer and take a gulp until the beer is a little bit below the bottleneck. Next, add a splash of your tequila of choice (it's probably best to start with a small amount), and then pour in orange juice until you're almost to the top of the bottle. To finish off the sip, pour in a splash of grenadine and, if you're feeling fancy, stick in a lime. Before imbibing, mix it all up by covering the top of the bottle and turning it upside down. (Pro tip: It might be best to do the mixing over the sink in case of spills.) Finally, enjoy your incredibly ~aesthetic~ sunset-hued cocktail.


As of March 18, the tag #CoronaSunrise has 45 million views and numerous videos showing people trying their own twist on the recipe. As always, when trying a TikTok cocktail recipe, you'll want to adjust the amount of the ingredients used to taste and use a brand of tequila that you personally like. If you're not into mixing tequila with beer, you could always nix the boozy addition and get the colorful sip with the orange juice and grenadine — and if you want it totally alcohol-free, you could try adding OJ and grenadine to a glass with ginger ale or other light-colored sip.

Chances are you didn't see it coming that a cocktail using Corona beer and tequila would be blowing up on TikTok on 2021, but cheers to adding a tasty (and very easy) sip to your go-to drinks.

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