6 Staycation Ideas For Spring Break With Your Sis If You're Both Home & Broke

There's nothing quite like spring break. I don't know what it is about spring semester, but you know it can only be two weeks in and I'm already pulling my hair out and counting down the days until summer. Spring break is truly the ultimate remedy for our college woes. Depending on where your travels may take you, it's the promise of warmth, lots of friends, and letting your mind wander someplace other than schedules and boatloads of homework. Or, it is for some people. If you're like me, and you're flat-out broke, you know that's just not happening for you this semester. And in that case, you'll need some quality staycation ideas for spring break with your sister.

Don't get me wrong; a good staycation can be good for the soul. But when everyone else and their mother is off living it up in like, Punta Cana, a girl's gotta find some way to deal. Luckily, you have your sister, and while she doesn't have the funds for you and her to jet set off to a tropical beach, she just might be the key to having a killer spring break staycation the both of you will enjoy.

So, when it comes time to kick off spring break, close those mobile apps, gather your things, and get ready. No one said a staycation couldn't be the break you needed this year, and these six things will keep you too busy for the FOMO to kick in.

DIY The Most Bomb Brunch You Can Manage

So maybe you're not getting breakfast in bed at a hotel room or drinking a smoothie out of a literal coconut on the shores of Hawaii. You still have what it takes to make a brunch so good your followers will want to know what restaurant you're at. Prep the supplies and griddles, girls, 'cause we're cooking up something delicious.

It's you and your sis, so don't hold back! Make your favorite dishes and mix it up with a few recipes you've never tried. Everything goes, so do it up. If you're feeling generous, invite a few hometown friends to join in on the fun.

Spend The Warmest Day Completely Outside

It might not be 80 degrees outside, but chances are, it's a least a bit nicer than it has been for the past few months. Beat those staycation blues and plan an outdoor takeover.

Get hiking, hit the lake, or bike your way around the city. The exercise and fresh air will make you forget what you feel like you're missing out on, and it's a chance to dish on all the parts of your sister's life you missed out on while classes were in session.

Dress Up And Pose For The 'Gram

No one said that staying at home had to mean snapping boring Instagram posts. Take your city on and see what it has to offer for backdrops, from scenic cafes to funky graffiti walls. You never know; your normal could be someone else's perfect 'Gram.

Pack a few different outfits and switch up being photographer and model with your sister. Vacation or staycation? I can't even tell because these snaps are dope. Plandids work best when taken by your main girl, anyway.

Make A Bucket List Of Your Childhood Hot Spots And Check Them Off

That ice cream shop a few miles from your house? Hit it up. The park you and your sister would race to all summer long? A must.

The two of you grew up together making memories, so why not hit up your old stomping grounds and see what's become of them? It's an excuse to get out of the house, and you'll spend a lot more time talking and living in the present than watching Snapchat stories.

Go Summer Thrift Shopping

And cue Macklemore's song now, please. It's already spring break at this point, so you better believe summer's right around the corner. This is the perfect time to go all out at the thrift store.

Make those high-waisted shorts you've been eyeing for years, and don't forget to scout for the perfect spaghetti strap top. You're in no rush, because your sister has the exact same plan. Once summer rolls around, you will be very grateful.

Get Hella Nostalgic For A Bit

I don't know the last time my sister and I went through all of our photos. I don't mean just the photo albums you leave out for people to flip through, either. I mean getting your hands dirty, heading up to the attic, and seeing the gems you find.

It's also a good idea to pull out your phone and go through the thousands of photos you have stored there. By the end, you'll be so sore from laughing at each other and surrounded by happy memories.