Three friends post for a picture with their camera in their backyard.
TikTokers Try Not To Get Caught In 10-Second (Or Less) Hide & Seek Challenge

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TikTok has taken one of your favorite childhood activities, and made it even harder. When you're not chilling with some lavender lemonade and soaking in the sun this spring, playing a throwback game like hide and seek could be the next best thing. Not the OG version, though — TikTok has a fun upgrade to the classic that will have you and your crew LOLing. All you need to know is how to play TikTok's hide and seek challenge to get started.

If you want to make some hilarious nostalgia-filled content, play a little TikTok hide and seek. The first thing you need to do is set up your phone in the backyard with the self-timer mode on your camera. You'll also need a phone that can screen record. Once you've picked a good place for your phone, start your screen recording. As soon as you press the camera button, the timer will begin. You'll have 10 seconds to find a good hiding spot before the camera snaps your picture.

When the camera goes off, you and your friends can check the photo that was taken to see who was properly hidden and who completely failed. Upload your screen recording to TikTok, and you've got yourself a hilarious video that's sure to get tons of likes. If you need a little more inspo before you post, check out these five TikTok hide and seek challenge videos.

Switch Up Your Setting

To keep things challenging, switch up your setting like TikToker @enifersmal. In this video, they play hide and seek around a building. If you're playing at home, try different areas of the backyard and maybe different rooms in your home to make sure you have new places to try and hide in before the timer runs out.

Make Sure To Use A Trending Sound

A lot of people are using the song "Treasure" by Bruno Mars with their #HideAndSeekChallenge videos, like TikToker @aukje.v. But another sound getting used for this trend is "Track Star" by Mooski, which is what TikToker @herodw used. Either song works with this trend. You just have to make sure you select the right song before you start recording by selecting "Add sound" at the top.

Use Text To Keep Score

Use the Green Screen Video effect to share your screen recording of you and your friends running to your hiding place. Then, use the Green Screen effect to show the end photo. When you get to the editing step of your TikTok, use the text function to point out who successfully hid themselves and who didn't. TikToker @chasemattson does this with Xs and checkmarks next to each person's name.

Make It Harder With A Shorter Timer

If you're up for a real challenge, go from a 10-second timer to a 3-second timer. You'll have to really sprint to your hiding spot like TikToker @7dnl_. You can even use a circle emoji text to point out where people are visible in the photo like this TikToker does as well.

Play With Everyone, Including Your Pets

Everyone can play this game — even your pup. TikToker @nastorgaa's dog is actually the cutest player in this hide and seek challenge video, and does better than you'd think. You could also play with your entire family, roomies, and partner. In fact, it'll make a cute date-night activity.

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