A couple sitting on the couch, smile at each other while looking at a cell phone.

40 Captions For IG Stories With Your Partner That Are Clever & Sweet


Nowadays, it's so easy to get lost in the Instagram Stories, watching one right after the other. In your own IG Stories, there's one person who makes a cameo appearance quite often, and that's your partner. Considering they're also a star of the show, you might want to have some captions for Instagram Stories with your partner on hand for when you want to add a bit of text.

While captions are usually reserved for posts, it's fun to add some short, cute, and silly text to your IG Stories as well. They might even add an extra bit of context to your videos, or turn that cute candid shot into something hilarious with just the right pun. When you know your story needs a little bit of something extra, use any of these 40 Instagram Story captions.

Pick and choose what to say based on how you're feeling with bae in that moment. Use something romantic for your date night mems, or something silly when you both have a serious case of the giggles. These can also be useful if you know an Instagram Story deserves to be uploaded as a regular Instagram post to be enjoyed for more than just one day. Whatever the case may be, you've got some Instagram Stories to get back to, so don't make your partner wait any longer.


1. "Today, I decided to wear my favorite pair of jeans with the smile you gave me."

2. "The PB to my J."

3. "Once upon a time..."

4. "Felt cute, might be even cuter later."

5. "No filter needed for this cuteness."

6. "This, right here, is my favorite sitcom."

7. "How is it that you can make any filter look cute?"

8. "We did it for the 'Gram."

9. "I'll remember this day forever."

10. "Every day with you is an Instagram Story kind of day."

11. "Ours is my favorite love story."

12. "Thank you for holding the camera when I have a great story idea."

13. "Blessed with the best."

14. "This is our weekend vibe."

15. "What's on the menu is Me-N-U."

16. "You are my [sun emoji], [moon emoji], and all my [star emojis]."

17. "Our time together is never quite enough."

18. "Partners in wine."

19. "It's not where you go, but who's by your side."

20. "I'm all in." — Gilmore Girls


21. "Help, I've fallen for you and I can't get up."

22. "There's no Insta challenge we can't do."

23. "We like to dance like no one's watching."

24. "And then, you came along."

25. "Bae caught me Instagramming."

26. "I decided to promote you to series regular in my Instagram Stories."

27. "Remember when I used to watch your Instagram Stories all the time, and now, you're in them?"

28. "A hug is like a Boomerang — you get it back right away."

29. "You're the perfect combo of home and adventure."

30. "Here's our couple vlog for today."

31. "Our relationship summed up in 15 seconds."

32. "Thank you for tuning into our reality TV show."

33. "Let's keep this streak going of you being in my Instagram Stories every day."

34. "Describe the perfect date: this."

35. "Let's do some 'we shouldn't be doing this' today."

36. "Thank you for laughing at all my dumb jokes."

37. "Tried to find a Gif that accurately represented us."

38. "Nothing to see here, just a couple of people in love."

39. "Instead of Netflix and chill, we Instagram and party."

40. "Can we always be this close forever and ever?" — Taylor Swift, "Lover"