40 Bachelorette Hashtags For Charleston & Sipping Sweet Tea With The Bride-To-Be

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When you were a kid, you and your best friend dreamed about each other's wedding days. You imagined what it would be like to wear a dress with lots of lace and tulle, walk down the aisle, and recite your heartwarming vows. You talked about how excited you were to say, "I do," as your significant other stood next to you, and dance until dawn at the reception. After school, you would even practice catching bouquets and wearing veils by putting a pillow case on your head. Now, you're both older and all of those playdates are turning into real life. Your best friend is getting married, well, soon, and you're gathering up some bachelorette hashtags for Charleston and celebrating the bride-to-be.

It was a couple months ago when your BFF texted you and said, "Let's go to Charleston for my bachelorette party." You instantly agreed, knowing that the city is filled with things to do, fun rooftop bars, and sights to see. You began researching cute cottages to rent, or dreamy hotels to stay in near the water. In addition, you found a bunch of activities to add to the itinerary including going to the beach, taking pictures of the flowers and pastel-colored buildings, and grabbing a scoop of ice cream with your girls.

You sent out the itinerary to the entire bridal party and few others who will be attending the bachelorette weekend. Everybody responded with a thumbs up emoji or a lively message like, "Oh my god. I can't wait!" Truth be told, you can't wait either and would start packing your suitcase, like, tomorrow. But your celebration isn't here quite yet, so you're simply tying up some loose ends instead.

You're purchasing and downloading the best preset packs from your favorite influencers, that'll make your memories shine on Instagram. And you're taking some time to mess around with each filter and find your favorite one. Most importantly, you're gathering up hashtags to throw in the caption section of your post, before you hit the "share" button. Here are 40 bachelorette hashtags for Charleston, and sipping on sweet tea with the bride-to-be, to add to your ongoing list.

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1. #CharlestonBachelorette

2. #HeartEyesForTheBride

3. #ButFirstSweetTea

4. #SouthernStateOfMind

5. #RaisedOnSunshine

6. #LoveYouAWaffleLot

7. #LetsCelebrateLove

8. #EatDrinkAndGetMarried

9. #WanderlustAndBridalDust

10. #CharlestonHasOurHearts

11. #InLoveAndInCharleston

12. #MarriedToCharlestonMagic

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13. #GoldenHourGirls

14. #HereComesTheBride

15. #SweetAndSouthern

16. #TheForeverToMyAlways

17. #OurHappyPlace

18. #SunshineAndSweetTea

19. #CrushingOnCharleston

20. #HugsKissesAndBridalWishes

21. #WalkingOnTheBrideSide

22. #BacheloretteVibes

23. #PopFizzClink

24. #FoodFriendsSunshine

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25. #HappyGirlsFoundHere

26. #WhereMyPeachesAt

27. #SheFoundHerMainSqueeze

28. #KissAwayTheMiss

29. #BrunchesOfFun

30. #ShowYourBridePride

31. #BrightAndBubbly

32. #FindMeUnderThePalms

33. #ParadiseFound

34. #LoveOnTheWeekend — John Mayer, "Love on the Weekend"

35. #BabyJustSayYes — Taylor Swift, "Love Story"

36. #PutARingOnIt — Beyoncé, "Single Ladies"

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37. #BacheloretteWeekend

38. #SipsSweetTea

39. #CueTheConfetti

40. #SayingYesToCharleston

Did you find a bunch of hashtags to add to your list? Sweet! I think you're basically ready to celebrate your best friend — aka, the bride-to-be. The only thing left to do before you hit the road is to pack your bathing suits, sunglasses, and trendy outfits in a suitcase.

You may want to throw some packs of confetti into your bag, too, and decorations that you can put up in your suite or cottage. Little details like that will make this an epic getaway to remember, and a bachelorette party that's more than worthy of posting on Instagram.

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