Cancer is one of the zodiac signs who reread their ex's texts
4 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Help But Reread Their Ex's Texts

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Revisiting old texts from an ex is like continuously rereading the same book. Maybe you're trying to recreate the experience of reading that book for the first time. Maybe reading the same book feels easy and comforting. Maybe you're searching for new meaning that you may have missed the first time (or the second time, or the 100th time). No matter what your reasoning may be, rereading that same book keeps you from discovering new ones, and rereading texts from an ex keeps you from moving on. Unfortunately, for the zodiac signs who reread their ex's texts more often than they should, nostalgia and obsession tend to trump logic.

The jury is still out on whether you should delete photos of your ex after a breakup, but most experts agree that rereading an ex's old messages isn't terribly productive, whether those texts are loving or toxic. As dating coach Cherlyn Chong previously explained to Elite Daily, "It's a bad idea to do so if you're still not over the relationship, because that can set you back and undo a lot of the work you've done on healing." But if you're one of these signs, you might be more tempted than most to revisit those convos, no matter how damaging.

Pisces (Feb. 19—March 20)
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Telling a Pisces to move on from something is like telling an Aries that winning isn't everything — it won't make any sense to them. This water sign is prone to fantasizing, and nothing provides them with an escape from reality quite like rereading messages from a former flame. By revisiting those old conversations, Pisceans are able to transport themselves back to a time before their breakup (and, of course, see it all through rose-colored glasses). A Pisces will do just about anything to avoid reality, and deleting an ex's texts is just way too real for this sign to handle.

Cancer (June 21—July 22)

Cancer is the most nostalgic sign of the zodiac, and they have an even harder time letting go of the past than Pisces. Rather than living in the present or looking to the future after a breakup, they cope by regressing, brooding, and rereading old convos with their ex. Even if a relationship ended for a reason, this water sign has a tendency to block out the bad times and focus on the good — which is usually a good thing. However, a Cancer would rather read lovey-dovey texts from an ex over and over than admit the breakup was for the best.

Virgo (Aug. 23—Sept. 22)
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As an earth sign, Virgos tend to be logical, grounded individuals, so you might be surprised to find them here. But it's because Virgos are critical thinkers that they may reread old messages, hoping to figure out the precise moment when the relationship went south. Those born under this diligent sign are perfectionists, and they hate the idea of making mistakes. Failed relationships feel like personal failures to them, so they'll use all the evidence they have on hand to help dispel their feelings of culpability. For them, text messages offer a paper trail, and they'll follow it until they feel they weren't the ones at fault.

Libra (Sept. 23—Oct. 22)

Libras are hopeless romantics ruled by Venus, and while this idealistic sign can forgive and forget just about anything, they have a difficult time forgetting past relationships. This air sign tries to find logic in everything, as they want to believe that their lives have justice and reason. Most Libras even believe that — through careful analysis — they can make sense of even the most senseless things, like breakups. Those born under this sign may deconstruct old convos with an ex not only to figure out why the relationship ended, but to make sure the relationship had meaning.

Pulling up those old convos on your phone may not be a great habit, but it's an understandable one, especially for these zodiac signs. But at a certain point, the best thing you can do for yourself is send your ex's texts into a virtual blackhole. After all, you won't discover something new if you spend all your time consumed with something old.


Cherlyn Chong, dating and breakup recovery coach