4 Zodiac Signs Who'd Totally Vibe With Olivia Rodrigo

Jason Mendez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Would you believe the stars are to blame if you feel absolutely devastated listening to "driver's license"? Born Feb. 20, 2003, Olivia Rodrigo is a Pisces. If nothing else, Rodrigo's sign is known for its dreamy spirit and artistic inclinations. It should come as no surprise, then, that the zodiac signs compatible with Olivia Rodrigo are ones who'd be well-matched with Pisces' emotional depth and intensity.

A quick yet effective way to know which signs are compatible is to look at their element. (The four astrological elements are fire, water, air, and earth.) Pisces is a water sign, which explains why they're hella emotional and deeply intuitive. On a bad day, this means they're prone to being moody and secretive. On a good day, Pisces is a total hopeless romantic who'll charm you with their huge heart and even bigger imagination. With that in mind, here are four signs who'd be compatible matches with Rodrigo, the patron saint of Gen Z Pisceans.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Like Pisces, Cancer is a water sign. Not only does Cancer rule when it comes to gentleness, coziness, and softness of all kinds (the kind of vibe that a Pisces would be super receptive to), but they're also a great listener. If Rodrigo's lead single is any indication, she'll definitely need a shoulder to cry on — and Cancer's got a great one.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

Virgo is Pisces' sister sign, which means it's located directly across from Pisces in the zodiac. This makes the two signs perfect astrological opposites to each other because their traits tend to balance each other out. Virgo doesn't do anything half way — they're endlessly devoted to their career, family, friends, and lovers. That's the kind of person who'd be super attractive to a Pisces like Rodrigo — someone who says "forever" and means it.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

Fellow water sign Scorpio deeply values trust above all else. Sure, they get a bad reputation for being mysterious and keeping to themselves all the time. But in reality, Scorpio is really just trying to protect their heart. Since it seems like Rodrigo is burned from the reported Joshua Bassett-Sabrina Carpenter situation, Scorpio could be an excellent pick for a rebound. This is a sign who'll truly take their time to build up Pisces' trust and will be patient with them if they're slow to open up.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21)

Beyond elements, a sign's ruling planet is the secret sauce that makes them who they are. Pisces' ruling planets are Neptune and Jupiter, the latter being a planet associate with expansion, faith, and optimism. Sagittarius is also ruled by Jupiter, meaning that Pisces and Sag are on the same page when it comes to art and creative expression. Sag is a fire sign, meaning that they are a little more fiery than a laid-back, chill water sign like Pisces. But as a self-described "spicy Pisces," maybe that kick is exactly what Rodrigo needs.

Whether it's someone who gets them on an emotional level, an intellectual level, or both, a Pisces like Rodrigo would be highly compatible with someone who can hold space for their feelings and make them feel emotionally secure. If you're one of the above zodiac signs, you and Rodrigo would make a solid match.