4 Signs Your Partner Will Always Have Your Back No Matter What

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One of the many perks of being in a strong relationship is having someone who will always be there to support you. Life is full of ups and downs, so it's important that your partner is someone you can count on. The signs your partner will always have your back might seem obvious, but it's never a bad idea to triple-check that your bae is all in. IMHO, it's far too easy for someone to pretend to be a ride-or-die, but when the time comes to actually be there for you, to be totally MIA. Or, over time, it may become clear that you aren't as far up on their priority list as they led you to believe.

According to intuitive dating coach and author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again Diana Dorell, knowing that your SO will be by your side to encourage and reassure you when necessary is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship. “It is very healthy to expect a partner to be supportive," Dorell previously told Elite Daily. "That is what partnership is all about." If your partner does the following things, then chances are, you've got a really awesome SO in your life who you can always trust to have your best interest at heart.

They support you.

According to Dorell, it's first important to define what being supportive means to you specifically. "If it's to support your dreams and [comfort you] if you are having a rough day," then that's a totally reasonable expectation. So, if your SO does a great job of picking you up when you're feeling down and reminding you that your dreams matter, then they're most likely an A-plus bae.

They acknowledge your achievements.

"We all want our partner to believe in us and be proud of our advancements," NYC-based relationship expert and love coach Susan Winter previously told Elite Daily. "Whether emotional or financial, career or athletic, our mate's positive reinforcement serves as a bond of closeness." Knowing that your bae will always be standing at the finish line to congratulate you for reaching your goals can be a wonderful thing.

They encourage your personal growth.

Even if you're in an amazing relationship, it's still important to experience personal growth. "Willingness to support individual growth," can be a major sign that your SO is a stable partner psychologist and host of The Kurre and Klapow Show, Dr. Joshua Klapow previously told Elite Daily. "Dedication to the relationship is important but support and willingness to see your partner grow, change, and mature is critical," added Dr. Klapow. "We all bring our own individual trajectory to a relationship and willingness to support that is a sign of relationship health."

They stick to their word.

"Being in a healthy relationship also means that your SO is someone who you can count on to follow through with their promises. "When someone cares about what you think of them, they make sure that their promises to you matter," matchmaking and dating expert Stef Safran previously told Elite Daily.

Once your partner has shown you through their words and actions that you are one of their top priorities, then you can rest assured that you've chosen an awesome person to be with. Although that doesn't mean that they will never make a mistake or drop the ball from time to time (we're all human, after all), it does mean that the majority of the time they're most likely giving you and the relationship their all.

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