4 Signals You Can Spot From Texting That Your SO Wants To Break Up

It's no secret that texting can play a substantial role in communication for many couples. It's fast, it's easy, and when you're not together, it's a great way to let each other know you care. Unfortunately, in some situations, you might notice the signals from texting that your partner wants to break up. Although it can be easy to overlook changes in how your partner communicates via text, it's important to recognize that ignoring the red flags could mean getting blindsided in the end.

According to LA-based couples therapist Dr. Gary Brown, while certain texting behvior might indicate that a partner could be contemplating a breakup, it's not always a good idea to come to such a drastic conclusion from texts alone. However, if you suspect your SO could want out, Dr. Brown recommends starting a dialogue ASAP. "In a non-judgmental way tell your partner what you are thinking and feeling and see how they respond," Dr. Brown tells Elite Daily. Even though starting conversations like this can be really scary, it's better to know what's going. This way, if something's up, you can have an honest conversation about it. And if it turns out there's absolutely nothing wrong, then you may choose to let go of your concerns.

If you've noticed the following changes in your partner's texting habits, then it might be time to speak up.

They've stopped initiating or responding to texts.

“[If] there has been a breakdown in communication, such as they are barely reaching out or they are not responding when you text them — this is a [bad] sign because it shows you are no longer a top priority in their life,” breakup coach and host of the breakup BOOST podcast Trina Leckie previously told Elite Daily. “You will likely start to feel like you are bothering them.” So, if your bae consistently goes radio silent or rarely texts you anymore, then they could be intentionally pulling away.

Their responses make you feel like they don't care.

According to Dr. Brown, if their texts seem clinical and don't include their usual lovey-dovey emojis, this could mean that their feelings toward you or the relationship have started to change. "[When] their texts no longer have any emotion, sense of caring, or they seem uncaring about your needs in general," there could be trouble ahead, warns Dr. Brown.

It feels like they're creating distance.

"People who want to break up create distance," dating coach and matchmaker for Three Day Rule Nora Dekeyser previously told Elite Daily. "It is hard to 'act' like you are happy, especially with your significant other who knows you the best. Their texting will begin to be shorter, more direct, and less often." Being on the receiving end of shotty communication can be a huge bummer, which is why starting a conversation with your SO is key.

They give excuses for why they can't engage with you.

If your partner keeps coming up with excuses as to why they're unable to keep in touch or engage with you via text, then this could be a major issue, explains Dr. Brown.

When you really care about someone, overlooking problematic behavior can be really tempting. Instead of keeping quiet, Dr. Brown recommends letting your partner know, in a non-accusatory way, that you've noticed some changes in how they communicate with you. If they're willing to have a conversation, then that's good news. On the other hand, if it turns out they have been contemplating breaking up, at least you now have the information you need to make a decision about the future of your relationship.