Three friends dressed up in Halloween costumes sing karaoke at a bar.
The Best Bars To Visit Around Halloween For A Spooktacular Experience

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Do you want to hear something spooky? Halloween is quickly approaching. In a few days, you and your best friends may be clocking out of work early and dressing up in alien, unicorn, or pop culture-related costumes. You may check out one of the best Halloween-themed bars in NYC or watch horror movies from the comfort of your couch. Whatever you do, you're bound to frankly love your night.

However, I would highly recommend going out and ordering a bottle of pumpkin-flavored boos on Oct. 31 for a particularly festive time (if you're 21 or over). Bars in the city are adding specialty drinks to their menus and decorating their establishments with all sorts of tricks and treats. You won't want to miss out on taking your picture with a magical cauldron, an eerie skeleton, or on a perfectly lit rooftop in the middle of Midtown.

You won't want to go into vampire mode and sleep on the karaoke machines and mystical mixology happening in these joints. Those one-of-a-kind experiences will be the best way to try something new, make some witchin' good memories this fall, and immerse yourself in the spirit of the holiday. They'll make you wish that it was Halloween on the regular, or want to scope out even more themed bars and eateries in The Big Apple. Kick things off with these four spook-tacular bars.

The Cauldron

The first of these NYC bars you should visit around Halloween is called The Cauldron (@thecauldronnyc on Instagram). It specializes in all kinds of whimsical brews and magical potions. Around Oct. 31, it'll be the best place to channel your inner wizard or learn a few things about molecular mixology in a potion-making class, which you can grab tickets for on their website. Prepare for your experience here by memorizing a few spells from the Harry Potter books, and finding some witch captions for Instagram like, "Let me put a spell on you."

The Ear Inn

If you and your friends are fans of horror films and going to haunted houses in the fall, then you'll love The Ear Inn in NYC. According to their website, it's been on the map since 1817 and is occasionally the go-to spot for a "few friendly ghosts."

During your time here, you might meet a ghost named "Mickey" or some locals who love the menu and live music. In addition, you'll likely get to enjoy the quaint and cozy details of this bar like the burnt out "BAR" sign that gave this spot its name.

Beetle House

At Beetle House in NYC (@beeltehousenyc on Instagram), it's always Halloween. This bar brings the work of creators like Tim Burton and Edgar Allen Poe to life so guests can always eat, drink, and get into the spooky spirit.

Around Halloween time, you and your best friends may want to try the best themed items on the venue's menu. There's the "Coco Skellington" cocktail that's made with rum, gin, lime, crème de coconut, and orange blossom, or "The Beetle's Juice" which is a tasty mixture of tequila, muddled blackberry, and cranberry juice. Top off your experience with a fang-tastic appetizer like the "Cheshire Mac and Cheese" or the "Corprese Bride Salad."

Jekyll And Hyde Club

How do you feel about a bar treating you to all kinds of spooks while you enjoy your drink? I hope you're saying, "Yes, please," from the other side of the screen, because that's what you can expect from the Jekyll and Hyde Club in NYC (@jekyllandhydeclub on Instagram). It's a one-stop shop for cocktails and creepin' it real.

According to their website, something thrilling occurs every 10 minutes in this joint. Guests are entertained and continuously experiencing a room that's transforming in front of their very eyes.

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