A woman lays on a hotel bed in black clothes and red lighting.

This "Hotel Of Horrors" Will Give You The Spookiest Stay Of Your Dreams

Growing up, I was never a huge fan of haunted houses or scary movies. I would skip over the Halloween episodes of my favorite shows because they would spook me for days. As an adult, though, I'm much more welcoming to the endless thrills that come with the holiday and seek out festive experiences like Refinery's Hotel of Horrors.

The idea of staying in a luxe suite that's been transformed to trick, treat, and spook at every moment sounds beyond exhilarating. It makes me feel like I'm totally ready to get into the spirit of the #szn. Enjoying themed meals and cuddling up in a plush bed with a bottle of wine sounds like a pretty boo-tiful way to spend a night, too. Sure, my adrenaline will likely be pumping as I walk down the hallways and encounter all kinds of ghosts and goblins who are determined to make me shriek.

But did you even "Halloween" if you didn't get creeped out on or before Oct. 31? That's a "no" from me. And while you could get a good spook from a local fair or haunted hayride, I'd highly recommend checking into the "Hotel of Horrors" instead. It'll be the spookiest stay of your dreams.

Allan Warren

Let me spell out the details for you. Essentially, the "Hotel of Horrors" is a way for you and your Halloween-loving buds to experience thrills and chills at the same time. Taking place at the Refinery Hotel New York, it'll let you disconnect from the "real world" and give you something spooky to look forward to as you turn corners and settle deeper into your stay.

From the moment you arrive, you'll be entranced by a world that's filled with creepy creatures and delicious treats. You'll check in and get your keys to your suite on the 12th floor and wander to your door. Along the way, you may get surprised by a ghost, zombie, or another critter that's been lurking in the halls. But you'll have one of your best friends or your SO by your side so you won't be facing these haunted scenes alone.

Once you walk into your room, you'll be greeted with all kinds of fang-tastic entertainment and amenities that come with an Atelier Suite. You may begin lounging on a king-size bed right away, or take a seat on the comfy couch and post on social media. Or you may order a couple of entrees from the specialty room service menu.

Your night at the "House of Horrors" includes two themed meals you can choose from: "Devil on Horseback" which is chicken wrapped in prosciutto with diabolique sauce and a seasonal vegetable medley; "To Die For Brisket," which is a smoked brisket in beet barbecue sauce, served with potatoes and coleslaw; and "Witch's Curls" which is a squid ink pasta with Nduja butter, calamari, and pan grattato.

In addition to your meals, you'll also be treated to a charcuterie board and one bottle of Refinery wine. (After all, a getaway like this requires an appetizer and some magical sips.) You'll also be given access to movies on Netflix and HBO GO, so you can snuggle up and marathon-watch the Halloween films that keep you on your toes.

Allan Warren

I don't know about you, but that makes me want to book this hotel experience ASAP. To do so, head on over to Refinery's Hotel of Horrors package and begin checking on availability for rooms on the nights of your choosing. Continue through the checkout process to book and confirm your stay. The experience is running from Oct. 24 through Oct. 31, 2019.

The Hotel of Horrors room rates start at $499 per night, but the check can be split with your getaway bud. TBH, for all the thrills and chills, I think it's totally #worthit. Not to mention, it's everything you've been dreaming about when it comes to this spooky time of year.