If Your Love Language Is Acts Of Service, You'll Love These 4 Date Ideas

It goes without saying that knowing your love language can come in handy in terms of getting your needs met and feeling appreciated in your relationship. But did you know that this knowledge can also be useful in taking your dates from "meh" to mind-blowing? There are plenty of date ideas if your love language is acts of service that you and bae are both bound to enjoy.

If your language is acts of service, you probably know that you feel most loved when your partner is helping you out, whether that means taking care of those dishes you were dreading doing, or bringing you lunch when you're swamped at the office. Case in point: One of my best friends, Kristen, was having a super stressful week at work. She felt overtired, underfed, and had little time to spend with her boo. Knowing that she was overwhelmed, her partner ordered a laundry delivery service to pick up a couple loads and then drop it off the next night. Now, to some people, this might seem like a kind gesture that warrants a simple thanks. But to Kristen, that act of service was the romantic thing in the world.

So if you’re looking to incorporate your love language into your next date, you’ll need to put some thought into what you really need right now. Need a little inspiration? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

A Relaxing Spa Day

Have you felt totally tense lately? Are you overwhelmed with with work or other obligations? Consider planning a date that helps you and bae to take some much-needed time to unwind.

Start by checking out Groupon or another deal site for discounted spa services, and book a couples’ massage for you both. To get the most bang for your buck, look for spas that have other complimentary amenities, like a sauna, steam room, or whirlpool. That way, you can take full advantage and make a whole spa day out of it. Or, if you're on a tight budget, you can recreate a spa experience at home. Set up a foot soak, buy some cheap face masks, whip up your own fruit-infused spa water, crank a calming playlist, and spend the day unplugging and chilling out together.

Bottom line? During a stressful time, finding ways to relax with your boo is definitely one of the best ways to leverage your love language.

A Home-Cooked Meal

There’s hardly a more loving gesture than making a home-cooked meal. So why not make one with your boo?

There are several ways to approach this. You could plan an epic brunch in bed together, followed by a board game extravaganza or old movie marathon. Or, you could put together a picnic to bring to the local park. If you’d like to add an educational element to the experience, you could also take a cooking class together to pick up some new skills that will be useful on date nights down the line.

Honestly, no matter what your love language is, food is often the way to someone’s heart. Instead of going out to eat on your next date, consider whipping something up for yourselves — a meal that you made together is far more meaningful, and it's one you're more likely to remember, too.

An Active Experience

A gesture that helps improve your life can go a long way. Obviously, physical activity plays a big role in your overall health and well-being. So why not plan a date on which you and bae can get active together?

This could mean simply planning an afternoon hike followed by a fireside lunch at a local joint. Or, if you and your SO are feeling adventurous side, you might plan a date that involves an activity you've both never tried, like indoor rock climbing. There are endless possibilities as far as these kinds of dates go. Keep your partner’s interests and abilities in mind, and you’re sure to find an activity that will be exciting and rewarding for both of you.

As an added bonus, physical activity can obviously be helpful in letting off some steam. So if you've been stressed lately or too busy to hit the gym, a date that includes physical activity may be just the thing to help you get back on your game.

Some DIY Bonding

Bust out the toolbox or paint brushes — it’s time to get crafty.

Have you been eager to switch up the wall color in your living room? Are you dying to figure out how to make that mason jar chandelier you spotted on Pinterest? Doing a DIY craft project is a perfect date for people like you because it kills two birds with one stone: it helps you to cross off something on your to-do list while also allowing you to spend time with your boo (admit it — multitasking is your jam).

Don’t fret if you’re not super crafty by nature — if anything goes horribly wrong in the process, you’ll both have something to laugh about later. Besides, collaborating on a creative project together is ripe with bonding opportunities. You’ll now have something to remember your date night by, and you’ll both undoubtedly appreciate it more knowing that you made it together.

If you haven’t been factoring your love language into your plans, this can be a game-changer — it’s that extra dose of thoughtfulness that can take your dates to the next level in terms of making you feel loved and appreciated. Remember: If acts of service is your language, then it's all about doing things that will make you life easier. Fortunately, any of these date ideas should do just that.